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I appreciate your supporting my writing with your pledge! You'll get connected to my Patreon stream and receive first-look access to each part of my stories, including some that will not be made public at all (unless included when published as books) . There will also be general updates.

P.S. This is in NO way an insignificant level of support. I expect most folks to be at this level. Yet scores at this level add up nicely. So, please don't feel bad if this is all you can do!

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Thank you -- Welcome to the adventure! A digital edition of my stories are coming your way if you are a Patron at this tier when it is released. 

Also, it is at this tier that I will be posting exclusive commentary about my stories and the art of storycraft, giving you a glimpse at my writing process, and future story sneak peeks. 

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You are incredible. Thank you! If you are a patron at this level when one of my fiction books is released, you will get a physical copy as well. You also have access to any audio versions of the serials I create. 


And if I were to get enough requests I will host an invitation-only, Google Hangouts from time to time where I will answer questions live about my stories and anything else related to their sub-creation. Perhaps it will turn into a brainstorm session!


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About Josh

I appreciate your coming here. I knew I was a storyteller before I was ten. I grew up on Hollywood classics like Ben-Hur and The Princess Bride, romances like Arthur and his Grail Knights, historical fantasy like Indiana Jones, fantasy literature like The Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of the Rings, and stories like and Star Wars. Movies became my first love; I've seen over a thousand films -- mainly from the Golden Age, and modern fantasy franchises. I wanted to write screenplays but that ship has likely sailed. So I settled over to traditional prose. I prefer to write medievalist fantasy, but I've got some other fantasy-touched periods floating around in my head too. (In fact, my first -- and only -- agent-rep'ed screenplay was a fantasy-ish story taking place in a late 1990s high school setting.)

Your Patron support tells me you like the stories I am writing and helps keep me going while I complete seminary and raise two children with autism. Stories are essential to help us endure life,  gain experience through the eyes of the characters, and sometimes even make sense of it. The stories I write are the kind of stories I would want to read myself. Yes, I am a Christian, but first and foremost, a story must entertain and inspire. That is my goal with every story I sub-create.

So what exactly are these book series I am working on?

The Stitched Crosses series by Josua Rothe (my nom de plume) is comprised of knights wrestling within the spiritual realm of their Christian faith, as well as the earthly realm -- these against the canvas of real historical events. The stories draw heavily from popular romantic legend, hagiography, and literature, to present tales fully immersive in a 'superhistorical' (i.e. "historical/fantasy") setting. So in my Stitched Crosses world, St George really would have slayed a dragon, the whole of the Arthuriad is real history, St Michael really did show up during the First Crusade, etc.

Shadow on the Stars
is an original mythopoeic fantasy series created by my wife, K.M. Strid (her nom de plume). We have been developing this Realm for many years now and we have volumes of characters, backstory, settings, and levels-deep storylines; at least three novels are in various stages of production (from in-progress to nearly ready for publication); many more are outlined. The one I am working on is a tie-in story called Quest of the Book.

I am also working on a series of full-colour, Christian picture books for teaching children the faith. They are going to be beautiful, and numinous -- hopefully considered keepsakes for families. The first one, The Creation, The Fall & The Promise, was completed a couple years ago, illustrated by Kelly Schumacher of Agnus Dei Liturgical Arts, and we'd love to do another!

+Non nobis Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam.
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Wow! This is really giving me the freedom to develop many of my projects long-term, hiring talented Artists to turn my stories into into graphic novels -- perhaps even animated videos with original scores and voice actors.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
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