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Hello everyone!

My name is Josh and this is my Patreon page. This page helps support and fund my YouTube channel as well as serve as a platform for me to create exclusive videos, clubs and more for our community.

I really appreciate you taking the time to visit and hope you consider becoming a Patron. I love being able to create for all of you and this is one of the ways that I'm able to continue to invest my time and attention into providing not only more but also better quality videos for all of you.



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See my videos a day early (and ad-free) before they go live on YouTube

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Get access to community discussions and polls that help shape future videos on YouTube

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You'll be my first call for questions for any and all Q&A/AMA videos on the YouTube Channel

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Be part of our Patron-Only live show every Thursday! Q&A's, deep dives on topics covered on the YouTube channel, & anything else you might like to hear. The community shapes the show!

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• Behind the Scenes

See exclusive behind the scenes photos & videos showing how I set up my live streams and youtube videos

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I'll send out a custom made postcard showcasing the beautiful landscapes in and around my home here in Portland Oregon as a thank you when you sign up!

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