is creating YouTube videos on drones, aerospace, technology and coffee.
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Josh is a Dad, CEO, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Blogger, Mentor, Contractor and Drone Guy. Josh has been in business for over 20+ years for a number of businesses providing him with a unique perspective and insights into multiple industries.

The most important job he has however is father of two (2) daughters and husband...all things which are a daily challenge to get right (and get wrong).

He is a massive, massive geek and is into:
  • Space and new discoveries
  • New space (the new space race brought about by SpaceX, Blue Origin etc.)
  • Technology
  • Science including biomedical innovation
  • Drones/UAV and new aviation
  • Autonomy in everything
  • IT, IoT, AI and Super AI
  • Coffee
I am combining my passions, knowledge and experience into a series of videos on drones, aerospace, technology and coffee to inform, educate and ultimately, inspire others.

By supporting Josh Keegan, you are helping to support the immense investment in time, energy and money to turn this from a life-long hobby into something much, much more.  

Each video takes anywhere from 1 to 80+ hours to research, script, shoot, voice, edit and upload well beyond the parameters of a full-time job.  Your support allows Josh to follow his passion for drones, aerospace, technology and coffee!

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