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In the FIRST tier, patrons will receive 4 poems a month (two on the 1st of the month and two on the 15th), with the following perks:

- handwritten by me on nice stationery.

- can be customized to fit patron’s topic. 

-can include a dedication. 

And Then
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If you’re in the AND THEN tier , you receive all benefits from the FIRST tier, and your 4 poems will be written on a hand-painted postcard (5 x 4”). 

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If you’re in the FINALLY tier, you will receive a Poetry Art Object from me on the first of the month. 

It could be anything, but it will always include a poem, probably paint, and will be incorporated into a physical object. 

Mysterious! Oooo...




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About Josh Medsker

Writing, painting, and any creative fine art should foster a connection between people. 

I want to sell my works, for sure, but more importantly, I want to build understandings, and hopefully relationships between us. And I want money. 

I hope you enjoy what I do.

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