Josh Millard

is creating paintings, blockprints, stained glass, and art process stuff

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If you can support my work at any level, thank you; everyone's in a different place. Every bit of monthly income allows me to better plan for time and materials to do the work you (and I) care about. 

It's important to me that my work and documentation be available to everyone, so I'm avoiding complex reward tiers and exclusivity here.  I also want to be sure that my focus is on making art, not fulfilling extras; while i may end up wanting to mail the occasional artifact out to supporters, I don't want to get in my own way by creating busywork that distracts from actually making art and sharing it with you all.
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Art-making has become increasingly important to me the last several years. It's something I enjoy doing, and something I need to do; it's also something I enjoy documenting and sharing with others. I like to share my thought processes, my mistakes, my ways of working. I want to demystify art for others, the way learning new techniques has demystified them for me.

Your support of my art-making through this Patreon will allow me to dedicate more time and money to the art efforts and materials I'm interested in and to writing about them; I want everything I post here to be available to everyone even if they aren't in a position to contribute financially, so you won't be paying for exclusive access or anything like that. You'll just be saying, yep, I want to support this work.

I make some of my work for sale through Etsy, on the CortexCraftworks storefront; it's also fine to contact me to discuss purchasing other work or to discuss commissions or projects.

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