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Spera: Vols. 1-3

Spera: Ascension of the Starless

HaloGen #1-4

The Untitled Saga of Hana Vols. 1-2




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About Josh Tierney

Hi, my name is Josh Tierney and I love to write comics! My two main series are the fantasy comic Spera and the high school mystery webcomic Warm Blood, both created through collaborations with incredible artists from around the round, including my most frequent collaborators Afu Chan and Atelier Sentô.

Spera is about two princesses named Pira and Lono and their companions -- a warrior cat named Chobo and a fire spirit in the form of a dog named Yonder -- as they go on adventures together in the strange land of Spera. Spera is best described as a combo of classic fairy tales and JRPGs of the 16-and-32-bit eras. Learn more about it over at One of our main goals with this Patreon is to release a new online comic each month!

Warm Blood is about a girl named Penny as she navigates her first year at Greenwood High. Penny is doing her best to get through one strange situation after another with the help of her friends and love of videogames. You can learn more about the series and follow it at

With the help of this Patreon I'm hoping to be able to focus more on comics, which will mean much more Spera, Warm Blood and other projects I have in the works. Through this Patreon I'll be sharing a wealth of behind-the-scenes material including scripts, character designs and previews of upcoming comics, as well as PDFs of full chapters and issues. We've also begun a Patreon-exclusive series of Warm Blood minicomics called Penny's Room.

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Profile pic and banner art by Afu Chan and reward tier art by Emily Block.
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