Joshua Fluke

is creating videos about modern life in technology.

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Hello my name is Joshua Fluke and I create videos about breaking into the software development industry. In each video I do my best to provide valuable insights into the industry. No smoke and mirrors here. We work hard, but we work smart in my videos.

I want actionable tips, something that you can take home and put into practice right away. Sometimes that boils down to mindset, and sticking to your resolutions. Even then I do my best to provide useful sources of information to keep you motivated; and more importantly, disciplined. Having potential is easy, living up to it is the hard part.

My videos consist of interviews, tutorials, and motivation, and engaging with viewers.. My goal is to find and network with people in all areas of tech and business. If it can help me grow, I want to know about it, and share it. I've interviewed a Blockchain CEO, Code School Startup CTO, and students in the industry.

For most of my life, I’ve never known what I wanted to do, until now. There were certain things that I thought would be a good job to pay the bills, but that was all it was. Something to pay the bills. Now, I know my goal: to help people get what they want out of life

Software? Business? Mindset? Confused about a career path? I've probably run into it.

I’ve been to college inside and outside the US. I’ve been to a code bootcamp. I've held jobs in both the engineering and programming fields. I’ve worked remote and in an office.

I’ve lost weight and battled my infinite urge to eat pizza and taco bell every night. The whole time I was doing these things, I thought - there was no way I could ever do this. And then somehow, I did.

These videos are about how to find passion in the process we call the 'grind'. Finding satisfaction in long term results rather than immediate, and most importantly - improving your life, whether it's with tutorials, some in-game laughs, career advice, or some fire lighting motivation. I want to challenge myself and everyone on the same journey to achieve more. Success is earned, and re-earned, everyday.

Let's do this together. 

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