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About Joshua Stone

Hey, I'm glad you're here!
I'm Joshua Stone and I create my own games, as well as videos documenting the process. I grew up in the peak of the Flash game era, and I've wanted to make my own games for as long as I can remember! I'm especially passionate about creating free web games like the ones I grew up playing.

My older brother is also into game development, so we created Light Wolf Studios as a name to publish most of our games under. We have some great ideas for games we want to create!

The problem with "free" web games...

Clearly, no one can make games full-time without getting paid. Funding free web games used to be fairly simple: it mostly depended on large sponsorships, where Flash game portals would pay part of what they'd make through ads on their site.

But times have changed, ads are paying less, and the mobile market turned everything upside-down, not to mention the shift from Flash to HTML5. Some people managed to adapt to the changes by following mobile trends, and adding even more ads to their games.

But I'm not a fan of ads; they're not even just annoying, they're designed to manipulate you into buying stuff you don't need. Even if you don't click them, you still see them.

Let's make our own way.

This is where you come in! Me being on here means you can directly contribute to the development of the games you want to play. It means we can start cutting out the sponsors, advertisers, and all the other "middlemen" who just want a piece of the action. There's no good reason for us to depend on ads to support creative work.

The funds will allow me to afford to keep working on games full-time, to keep making videos along the way, and to start paying for some stuff to improve my abilities! I'll be getting a better computer system, a new video camera, and so on.

On top of getting more games from me, you'll also get some other cool stuff! Just take a look at the reward tiers and choose the level that makes the most sense for you. You can even choose to contribute more than necessary for the tier you choose! :D

Anyway, I hope we can work together to make some great games!
- Joshua
$44 of $100 per month
I'll be able to afford to work on at least one free-to-play game each year, with supplemental funding from non-exclusive sponsorships, some ads, contests, and soundtrack album sales.
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