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About Josh Brown

Hello everyone, and welcome to my Patreon page. My name is Josh Brown and I created this page as a way to share what's new with all my creative endeavors and services, and receive support from anyone interested in doing so. My overarching goal is to be able to support my family and myself with all of my own projects, straight from the core of my being. My intention is to create a life of freedom and abundance through creativity, love and service to others.

I am a husband, daddy, creator, coach, entrepreneur, and seeker. I usually have several projects going on at once, and I allocate my time to each based on my inner guidance and where the creative spirit chooses to lead me.
  • In early 2018, I wrote my first book, The Spiral Life: An Introduction to Personal Elevation Through Conscious Health & Wellness
  • For the past few years I have been building my coaching business, Spiral Life Health & Wellness, LLC, in which I help individuals balance and elevate themselves--body, mind and spirit; 
  • I am also a musician. For most of my life I have played guitar and written music, and recently I have felt pulled back in that direction;
  • I also have several other projects in the works that will see the light of day in their own time.

If you like what I am doing and feel moved to become a patron, I appreciate it more than you know. I don't have tiers set up, so every patron will receive the same benefits no matter how much is pledged/donated--benefits include exclusive content, behind-the-scenes footage of projects in the works, advanced info/announcements, exclusive merch and other offers.

Thank you in advance for joining me on my journey. Your continued support allows me to do what I do. I am very excited and blessed to be able to share my creativity, messages and services with you, and look forward to connecting with you all authentically. Much love and light from my family to yours. -- Josh B.

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