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SHORT STORIES: Silver tier patrons receive a brand new, previously-unpublished short story every month (digital copy).

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CHAPTERS: Tertius tier patrons receive a draft chapter (digital copy) of one of my work-in-progress novels every month (see 'about' section for my current WIP), plus digital short stories. You'll receive the chapters for each book in order, like a serialised novel, but I generally have two novels on-the-go at the same time, so I may alternate between them month by month.

EXCLUSIVE: While stocks last, Tertius tier patrons (plus Secundus and Primus tiers) will also receive a print copy of my exclusive YALC chapbook, featuring the short story Killian's Dead.

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About Josie Jaffrey

I'm an indie author, writing novels and short stories about unique characters, weird experiences and strange places. If you want a new piece of writing from me every month, whether a short story or a chapter in an ongoing novel, then you've come to the right place. That's exactly what my patrons receive.

What do I write?
My stories are aimed at adults and young adults, usually falling somewhere within the genres of fantasy, historical fiction, paranormal romance and psychological thriller. I write about vampires and zombies, ancient and dystopian societies, epic romances, terrifying journeys and fairytale horrors. I've published seven novels (comprising the Sovereign trilogy and the Solis Invicti quartet) and one short story (Living Underground).

What do patrons get?
As soon as you sign up, you'll get access to the short stories currently available in my posts. In August 2019, there will be a single short story available (Killian's Dead, the short story featured in my exclusive YALC chapbook). After that, new short stories (and draft chapters, for higher tiers) will be made available once a month on the 1st, starting on 1st September 2019.

Here's what I have planned for you in 2019/20:

Short stories:
All patrons receive one short story a month. That short story could be anything, but is likely to fall into one of the following upcoming collections:
1. Broken Wings - A series of fantasy short stories with dark themes.
2. Encounters - Stories in a range of genres that feature vampires. For long-time readers, these stories are prequels to my Solis Invicti paranormal romance quartet, but they don't require knowledge of the Silverse.
These stories are EXCLUSIVE to patrons, and won't be available to anyone else for a full year, or until the collections are complete.

Patrons who subscribe to the Tertius, Secundus and Primus tiers also receive one draft chapter a month, currently from one of the following novels:
1. May Day - An urban fantasy murder mystery set in Oxford, UK, featuring vampires. For long-time readers, this novel is a prequel to my Solis Invicti paranormal romance quartet, but it doesn't require knowledge of the Silverse.
2. Make Yourself - A psychological thriller that plays out through stories told in multiple genres.
These chapters can only ever be drafts, because I will doubtless need to tweak them in final revisions, but my drafts are generally very clean and readable (I'm a spelling and grammar pedant).

Patrons of the Tertius, Secundus and Primus tiers will also receive one of my exclusive YALC chapbooks by post on subscribing, while stocks last. Higher tier patrons receive an additional short story chapbook twice a year (Secundus and Primus tiers), and finished copies of all serialised works once they are complete (Primus tier).

Short stories and chapters are delivered digitally through BookFunnel and can be downloaded in a number of different formats. I create a new post every month with the links for that month's digital content. Links will be disabled periodically, so please make sure you download your content promptly.

Chapbooks and finished copies are delivered by mail, which is why I ask for your postal address when you pledge. Please make sure to let me know if your address changes!

Want to know more?
You can sign up for my monthly newsletter at and receive an EXCLUSIVE short story immediately. My website contains all sorts of information about my published novels and appearances, so check it out if you want to know more.
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I'll start a video Q&A to enable patrons to have more input into the stories I write.
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