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About Josie Maxine Gallows

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Who Am I?

My name is Josie Maxine Gallows and I'm a Satanic Witch, Church of Satan member, author, Dominatrix, artist, and long-term traveler of the seedy underbelly of Americana.

I'm involved with a cadre of professional subversives, real outsider types, in building a new Satanic clearinghouse for books, audio, video, live performance, and collaboration.

Becoming a Patron, and joining The Kali Yuga, enables me and other Kali Yuga creators to produce, publish, and perform outstanding content that hits hard, and is delicious, refreshing, and attractive. Members like you make it possible.

Who, or what, is THE KALI YUGA?

THE KALI YUGA is a clearinghouse of Satanic content made for covens of witches and warlocks in revolt against the beige, pedestrian, bland cultural landscape. We are in it together against a Kardashian Planet. Against the Alex Jones news cycle. Against the strangulation of Tumblr culture. That's the shortest possible description of the project.

I need a very loud microphone please.

I want to answer a question: What happens when true weirdos, Addamses, real dissidents, get the same level of artistic and monetary support as the mediocrity that passes for discourse and culture today? What happens when those who truly think different get access to the media at large? We can answer that question together.

Do you want high quality Satanic content that you can truly resonate with? Here's the place to help make it happen, with only a few bucks a month.

Why Should I Join The Kali Yuga?

You can be in it, on the ground floor, getting content before anyone else, and receiving exclusive access to content seen nowhere else. You will receive benefits and rewards, both digital and physical in the real world, that nobody else has access to. Plus, your input is involved in helping to shape the outcome of these projects.

What Is The Kali Yuga Working On Right Now?

Currently, The Kali Yuga's projects include two books by myself and a series of sermons. With enough Patreon subscribers, this Patreon will begin publishing books, video, and performances, by other Satanic creators. Support now means a larger scale and scope of activity later.

1. The Gospel (tentative title)

A figurative weapons guide to the culture wars. The word "Gospel" is said to mean "the good news." This book is an essential Satanic antidote in an era where the worst of human impulses are amplified in volume by technology. In the 21st century, the kind of individuality and power most cherished by the Satanic type, and other sympathetic outsiders, is as difficult as ever. But there are new rules. New features and updates to the program, inflicting unique damage and leaving behind a different sort of forensics. We're living through a great Emotional Horror. But, it's still The Age of Satan. A time we can admire for the possibilities and freedoms never realized before.

The Earth is made out of nuance. It buzzes with relativity. The ley lines towards worlds within worlds have to be navigated. In "The Gospel" I hand down the Satanic principles necessary to dealing with the new forensics of today's world. This "good news" is a weapon's guide on maintaining individuality, integrity, sanity, and happiness, in a landscape that seems bent on eradicating each and every one of those qualities. It is a Satanic treatise of radical self-honesty, made to look, feel, and serve as a true occult tome.

2. The Satanic Transsexual: Or What To Do When Gender Fails

My background as a transsexual woman and witch in the Church of Satan, with a real honest-to-goodness academic and professional resume ranging from historian to counselor to dominatrix, set me on the path to writing The Satanic Transsexual.

Useful writing on gender and sexuality today is scarce, despite appearances. Most books and articles dealing with the subject of transsexuality or gender in general are, with few exceptions, written for a tabloid audience. Or, just as useless, they're bloated with unnecessary moral assumptions and hobbled by their own collectivist baggage, sent down from out-of-touch ivory towers of political convenience and expediency. There needs to be an authoritative guide to the subject, Satanic canon, written from a uniquely Satanic perspective. And I'm your gal.

3. The Sunday Sermons

Each week, every Sunday, I'm releasing a sermon on life, living, and subjects of interest to anybody with a pulse, but of special interest to Satanic types in particular. Guest "Pastors" will be included in these weekly sermons. Each installment is accompanied by rich artwork, shirts, art prints, and other fun items for you to enjoy.

Why is The Kali Yuga?

One crowd calls for blood. Another crowd hollers for ineffectual Band-Aids. And another does, well, whatever -- but not much useful, insightful, or in any way accurate to the heart of this matter or that. Back and forth they go. Commentary out there in the world right now is insecure, spineless, histrionic, needlessly petty, or amateur. Any or all of the above. True third side perspectives, Satanic perspectives, are needed; now more than ever.

This beige pedestrian civilization has no concern for producing or promoting accurate, useful, FUN, literature and art. Not in a mass market sort of way, at least. It barely did before. It certainly doesn't now. This is why content creators have turned to platforms like this, because it's the only thing that works anymore.

It's up to you and me to take an ice pick to both kidneys and then spill the bleach.

YOU deserve better.

So let's make a bargain.

Throw a few bucks this way every month and you'll get exclusive content, exclusive access, rewards, benefits, and a part in shaping this project and everything in produces.

You'll be thanked in the credits.

You'll get both digital and physical real world rewards.

The benefits and rewards, and the amount and quality of content produced by thanks to members like you, will evolve and improve as time goes on and we meet our goals.

Each month, your contributions grant the time and resources needed to create these massive undertakings. Art direction, artists, producers, equipment, research materials, travel, experimentation, manufacturing, all have price tags.

I invite your support, I need your support, and I thank you for your support. Tell your pals.

Climb into my tank with me. It's worth your time and your dime.

Let's go to war.

Hail Satan!
Josie Maxine Gallows
Kali Yuga
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