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My name is Dustin Levitt and I am a journalist, entertainer and visionary. I run Journalist EW on Facebook and Twitter, as well as the legendary Discord server Friends of Journalism. I first got my start in journalism in high school and have written articles as well as making a few documentaries since then.

I am most well known in the media for the Boston Antifa project. Some loved it and a million weird people hated it. The smart people know it as the biggest journalistic achievement of that period though. Perhaps that decade. Our goal to make the world laugh and be informed was a tremendous success.

Although my projects are a success, as a person I am laughed at in a different way. E-fame means nothing in the real world and I've learned that the hard way.

People throw garbage at me as I try to set up outside near the free Wendy's WiFi signal. I yell "Hey! I'm trying to do journalism over here!". They never care. I slide open my Droid 2 from 2010 and get to work on Twitter. A journophobic bully jerks it out of my hand and slams it against the wall, never breaking eye contact with me. The screen has shattered. I loved that phone. I appreciated the tactile feel of the physical keyboard. Sure it was old and slow but I just spent all day on Twitter anyway. Like any other journalist.

That was 3 hours ago. Now I'm here at the library trying to set up this Patreon thing. The librarian has already threatened to kick me out after finding out I am a journalist. Everyone hates me and I just want to prove them wrong. I want my parents to take my phone calls again.

If you help fund my work, I can upgrade some cameras or maybe the laptop I also have from 2010. Maybe Wendy's will let me use their WiFi inside the building again if I have money to buy chicken nuggets and a Frosty. Technically, I will be a professional journalist and comedian if you pay me even one dollar.

This all depends on you guys. I'm counting on you guys. Thanks for hearing my sales pitch. God Bless.

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