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Welcome True Believers!

Journey Into Comics started in January 2014 with a mission of sharing our love for comic books and nerd culture. Nate Phillips (The Podfather as Network members lovingly call him) started the podcast (first featured on Josh Figures It Out) to talk about his comic book collection and have to an outlet for his opinions. Brando made his first appearance on episode 5 and stayed on as co-host giving the show its unique tangential tendencies.

The Road to 200

A lot of podasts don't last. There are so many podcasts out now and some of them don't make it past 10 episodes, let alone 200. Week in, week out our passion for delivering quality conversations on everything nerd never falters. There was never a number goal and never will be. We will continue to do this show until we are no longer capable. With notable milestones along the way; Episode 50, 100 (our first live show), 132 (our second live show), hosting LaffyCon 2017,150, and at LaffyCon 2018 Journey Into Comics 200 LIVE!!!! we look forward to sharing many more with all of you!

The Network

Journey Into Comics has grown a lot since the humble beginnings. In April of 2016 3 new shows were added to the rotation: Journey Into Wrestling, Game Addicts Podcast, and Foodies Watching Movies. Now, a year and a half later, what started as spin-off podcasts has grown into a full blown Network. With the Journey Into Comics Network, we are bringing a variety of content and new voices to the channel.

Podcasts featured on the Journey Into Comics Network are:
Journey Into Comics
Puhr 360°
Journey Into Wrestling
Foodies Watching Movies
Adulting Ain't Easy
The Voice of Survival Podcast
Kids for Sale*
Crucial Tunes
The OG's
The D List
Brews With Dudes
Dungeons With Dudes

Official Announcements for More Shows Coming SOON

Patreon Exclusive Events:
The Road to Infinity War

As an upstart Network, all of the shows share the same RSS feed over at and we are aiming to grow the Network to its own host site. 

Now Here's Where You Guys Come In

The podcast was never intended to be a living. It's a passion and for 5 years we have put all of ourselves into the show and what has become the Network, and will continue to do so. We finally feel the time is right to grow and evolve the JiC family and help take the shows and Network to the next level. By becoming a patron, you are helping us pay for hosting and afford new equipment. You are also helping the Network grow into its own hosting site which gives each show its own feed. You would also help us travel more, to each other and to cons where we can share our love of podcasting. 

What Do You Get For Being a JiC Patron?

1. For starters, you will get early access to the shows when and where possible. We usually record 3-5 days in advance of the launch day, so you will get the shows as soon as they are edited.

2. New and exclusive content for patrons such as bonus content that doesn't make air, the return of our "ComiClub" book of the month series for where the books we read will be voted on by Patrons, exclusive Patron only Q and A podcasts, and more ideas that we are currently developing!

3. Our never ending Thanks and Love.

We have come this far on our own, but we feel the time is right to move to the next level. And we can't wait to invite you all to further be a part of our family, and play an active part in the growth of the Journey Into Comics Network. Thanks to all our listeners for your unwavering support!


Clinton Chase
Chris Plant
Colby Terry
Nick Maxson
Dick Tyner
Andrew Puhr

*not really
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$20 bucks a month will cover the hosting of our show.
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