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Journo is a oral history website designed to show off the local community through interviews with everyday people. 

Our emphasis is on long-form interviews, which might not be considered for print, that really bring the lives of local people and their work to life.  We will have room not only to talk about your work but all aspects of the life that you lead and how it effects the world around you. 

Just your words.  No editorial comment.  No social media put downs.

You can support our site without parting with a penny - here - adding links to your own site and advertising for free.

But if you like our work and if you can afford it, then you could become a site stakeholder and invest a dollar (79p) a month in our site Journo via Patreon. 

What do you get for that dollar?

1) You become a site stakeholder
Add your interview to the website. We want those who pledge their dollar (79p) to nominate a local business, charity or good cause they are involved with.  Once we reach 100 pledges we will start making contributions to these nominated organizations and writing stories on them and their site stakeholder.

Patreon seems a great way to to start this new venture.

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