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About Joyful Keto Life

Welcome to my Joyful Keto Life, a place where I share about my life-changing Keto lifestyle! I’m sharing my story to help inspire and motivate others to physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

As someone who tried nearly every weight loss diet known to mankind for three decades, I’m here to share my story of the lifestyle that finally granted me success over my battle with obesity and metabolic dysfunction.  I have successfully lost over 100 pounds and now know how to keep it off for life!

The day I discovered Keto and Intermittent Fasting is the day my life changed. I have healed so much by choosing the proper foods for my metabolism. Perhaps these same choices in food as fuel and healing will improve your health, too?

I’m just a girl that finally, through the grace of God, FINALLY discovered that there is a way for me to eat that improved my health as I started my 5th decade of life! It brings me so much JOY, that I launched in April of 2018 to share my story.

I would love your support as I continue to create content and share with you the healing benefits of a Keto, Low-Carb Healthy Fat, and Intermittent Fasting way of life.

With your support I will be able to create more content.  It's my passion to share with people how they can find the same healing that I've discovered.  Healing and restoration, such as:

Obesity – from a high weight in 2015 of 230 lbs. to a healthy weight under 120 lbs. on my small, 5’1” frame
Extreme Fatigue, Chronic Exhaustion
Insulin Resistance/Hyperinsulinemia
Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (confirmed by ultrasound)
Obstructive Sleep Apnea (confirmed by sleep study)
eed for the C-Pap machine (confirmed by sleep study)
Ovarian Cysts/PCOS symptoms
Daily headaches
Monthly migraines
Cystic acne
Joint inflammation
Food Cravings


Amazing energy 24/7
Control over hunger
Control over emotional eating
Enjoyment in physical activity
Improved immunity to illnesses like cold and flu
Complete change in daily mood – from exhausted and moody to complete JOY

Thank you for your support and allowing me to inspire and motivate you on your own joyful journey to health and wellness!

With Joy,
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When I reach 100 patrons, I will explore other avenues to share my story!  Like YouTube videos with professional editing.
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