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Once a month, we'll plop out a patron-only bonus podcast episode containing a myriad of topical possibilities.   Plus you get all of the earlier rewards!

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Inquiring minds want to know, so a $20 subscription unlocks the opportunity to get your question answered by the bros. Each month, we’ll post an open call for questions, you’ll comment on the ...

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In today's digital world, receiving tangible snail mail is a pretty magical thing.  A $30 subscription will have one of us sending you an originally designed, handwritten thank you postcard.  ...

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Wow, you are really committed to the success of our show! Each month while at the $50 subscription, you’ll get an exclusive personal thank you video from one of the Joygasm brothers. Plus, you...

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Every three months while at the $75 subscription, you’ll get a Joygasm Skype Quality Time Slot. Pure bantering goodness: you and the Joygasm boys chat for 15 minutes, talking about whatever yo...

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Impressive...most impressive!  A $100 subscription entitles you to choose our topic of the day.  We'll collaborate with you and your potential topic to make sure it's doable and then chat about it ...

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