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If you've taken the time to invest in the community, then you have access to all I have to offer behind the scenes. 

The Joy in the Ordinary- Homeschool Community is a community for homeschooling moms who want regular accountability and opportunities to connect and grow with other moms on the journey.

In the community, you'll receive:

•Monthly live Zoom  meetings! This means we can actually have a dialogue.  We'll make plans for our homeschools together along with conversations about motherhood, hobbies,  health, etc.

•When you share, I listen. If you tell me your goals, you better believe I'll ask you about them and encourage you to get it done. :) 

 •If you're in the area or if an event is hosted in your area by me, you'll enjoy 15% off  our in person gatherings.

Plus ...

  • Drop me a question about any issues related to homeschool or entrepreneurship, and I'll respond with an answer specifically for you. 
  • You will have access to new products created by Latonya to help you on your journey to daily joy. 
  • You will have access to exclusive videos that offer tips and encouragement.
  • Early access to new blog posts and  episodes.
  • Opportunity for book clubs and challenges



About Joy in the Ordinary with Latonya

Welcome to the Joy in the Ordinary Homeschool Community on Patreon. 

Who am I?
Hi, I'm Latonya. I have been teaching my daughters, ages 12 and 14, from home since 2009. I'm an advocate for home education not only for the academic opportunities, but because homeschooling can be a game changer for the family as a whole.

What is this community about?

This space offers accountability and encouragement.

Are you constantly not following through with your homeschool plans or goals? The accountability component can help you stay on track. Latonya is an expert at letting things go that don't fulfill purpose. She can help you do the same.

Do you need a community with others who simply get "it"? Every mom in our community is committed to homeschooling so you will be surrounded by like-mind individuals. Each month we get together on Zoom for real-time conversations and support.

On top of those things, Latonya shares practical tips via Patron-only video and audio recordings directed to women who are part of the community and fun challenges. 

Who is this community for?

This community is for the career-homeschool mom who needs regular and intentional connection with other moms who've committed to the homeschool lifestye.

We'll get together often in this community so that no mom who has made the commitment is homeschooling alone.

Our community has a limited number of members by design to ensure connections are made and purpose is intentional. 

How will your membership make an impact in the larger homeschool community?

My goal is to help moms who choose to homeschool achieve their goal of teaching their own children.

By becoming a patron, your support helps Latonya create more tangible, audio, and visual resources for moms in the homeschool community.  This content is shared via the Joy in the Ordinary website and podcast. 

Latonya also hosts live events for homeschooling moms. 

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I'm sending all my patrons a special Joy in the Ordinary gift via snail mail. :) 
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