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Hello, it's me, Joy!

Glad you found your way here. I'm a working indie filmmaker, journalist specializing in food and travel, author, avid surfer, and well, an artist.

I've turned to Patreon because of the puzzling fact that journalism is no longer sustainable and I know for certain many people are really interested in where and how to stuff your face with delicious food, or where they should spend their precious vacation days traveling!

Anyway, this Patreon is for generating enough income to support myself. There's a children's fantasy novel I need to finish but have no time to attend to since juggling job searching and a freelancing career leaves me little to no extra energy leftover. I'm also raising money for my indie short film as well.

"Why should I give you my MONEY? Get a job, you hippie!"

That is just the problem. I have like five jobs but none of them are sustaining enough. I write for national magazines, and newspapers. I edit books and MBA application essays.

However, "Art can only flourish in total freedom!" - Kurt Eisner

So if you believe that myself as a woman of color has a valid leg to stand on with regards to the ability to write thoughtful pieces in longform, and/or have enough financial breathing space to fully investigate and research for food and travel pieces, your support would go a long way to take some of that financial burden off my shoulders, and maybe, one day, make it a viable way of living off it.

"All right, but what do I get out of it?"

Aside from my gratitude I'll be sharing with you the in's and out's of the creative life. I'll give you guys the behind-the-scenes look on my career as a food and luxury travel journalist, and the highs and lows of indie filmmaker life etc. You'll get sneak peeks at what I'm working on whether it's a new screenplay, pilot bible, indie short, or research on some of the lesser known, but extravagantly wonderful places to travel to/and or surf at.

But there's more!

Check out the right column, because there are many Patreon exclusive rewards for backers, and for the super-generous among you, the chance to get a heartfelt personal thank you over video chat or in person. I will definitely meet you for dinner, or teach you to surf!

Thank you so much! :)
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With this amount I'll be able to work on my book and my indie film and start saving up to replace equipment! The dream.
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