Jared Pechacek is creating Stories and Art

$1 Tier

$1 /mo
You have access to pages of these comics as they are completed, plus general updates on my life and activities. (And the occasional set of horoscopes.)

$5 Tier

$5 /mo
You get background process updates, videos, sketchbook pages, and Q&As, plus the benefits of the $1 tier.

$10 Tier

$10 /mo
You get a quarterly postcard (either art or calligraphy, depending), and the benefits of the two previous tiers.

$15 Tier

$15 /mo
You get digital downloads (wallpapers, sketchbook PDFs, that kind of thing) plus all the good stuff from the first three tiers.

$20 Tier

$20 /mo
You get a monthly postcard (again, either art or calligraphy), entry into raffles for prints, and sneak peeks into whatever prose WIP I’ve got cooking at the moment, plus the benefits of the four p...

$35 Tier

$35 /mo
You get quarterly 8x10 prints and 10% off commissions (per quarter), and access to all previous tiers. Which means monthly postcards, but four times a year, one of those morphs—through science or m...