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A nice tip and tremendous moral support for the continuation of Original Life. By being a supporter, you can have access to additional illustration and sketch material that I won't immediately make free to the public. You may also read Original Life pages roughly a week before they become free.

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This tier will show your exceptionally zealous support for the continuation of Original Life, and give you access to my writing story lists as I post and talk about them, and let you discuss other aspects of story you'd like to see in the future.

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Instantly propelling you to the level of the most outstanding of supporters, this tier will offer access to everything else, plus discussion videos and livestreams which I will try to make a regular feature, here. It also earns you my undying gratitude.



About JRN-Arts

What is this? This is the Patreon page for Original Life +5, the continuation of the old Original Life webcomic, with all the characters advanced by five years.

A while ago I ran out of ideas and inspiration to continue Original Life as it was. As time went on, I realized missed having a regular webcomic, but I realized I'd have to advance the timeline just a bit in order to help kick start my ideas, and shed the old way of drawing those old pages. A lot of people were asking for more Original Life, and this page was put together so they could support it, and make it worth taking time away from everything else I have to work on, ensuring the comic's longevity.

No matter what: I will be doing Original Life pages on a sporadic schedule, as I have time. These pages will be free.

Where will these pages be readable? Here on Patreon, as well as my blog:
As time goes on I'll probably offer .zip file archives of entire page sets for easier downloading to Patreon contributors. Contributors will also be able to read pages a week in advance, before they become free.

If this Patreon meets its stretch goal, I will devote time out of my current schedule to specifically ensure a regular and reliable uploading schedule for new pages. Supporters, here, will receive additional work material and illustrations connected with the comic. Please see the reward tier descriptions for more details!

When will there be new pages? Starting sometime in April, 2018, I will begin the new pages. Until then, this place will be mostly populated with preliminary sketches, discussion, and some test pages as I get a feel for how I want the new material to look.
31% complete
If monthly contributions reach or exceed $2000, I will dedicate a day out of the work week exclusively to producing Original Life +5, ensuring that I can upload at least one page per week, on a designated day.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 54 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 54 exclusive posts

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