J. Robert Deans is creating Children's Books, Toys, and Art

Behind The Madness!

$1 /mo
For just $1 a month, you’ll get regular updates, plus additional sneak peeks to future DFP or JRD blog posts. These updates will regularly feature full size images of art and other DFP creations. Y...

'Cast System!

$3 /mo
Every month I’ll record a Patron-only podcast! (No, it won’t always be about The Thin Man.) Running about 15-30 minutes, topics could run the gamut from more in depth updates about the pro...

What A Card!

$5 /mo
Every month, I'll mail you a 4x6 postcard featuring a sketch by me! (Sorry…Brian Stelfreeze wasn’t available.) These will be mailed around the middle part of each month.

 - Includes Podcast acce...


Embiggen The Art!

$7 /mo
With this level, the 4x6 postcard is upgraded to a 6x8 postcard sketch! These will mail at the same time as the other postcards.

- Includes Podcast access and the BTS updates!

YOU Get A Book!

$8 /mo
For every twelve consecutive months of patronage, you can pick any DFP book to receive free! Books can be signed and sketched in, too! This level also works towards preorders of announced books.

And YOU Get A Book...And A Toy!

$10 /mo
For every twelve consecutive months of patronage, you can pick a crocheted Shakes, Stanley, or any other DFP toy, to get free! You can even get it customized, too! (Super Shakes? Wonder Chrys? Let ...

Help Steer The Ship!

$15 /mo
This level gives you coolest perk of all: a voice in the process! You can suggest future podcast topics, postcard themes, AND… be an EARLY READER for one of my books every year! You also get an 8x1...