Jacob S Kellogg

is creating D&D supplements, tabletop games, and more!
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About Jacob S Kellogg


My name is Jacob, and I'm a game designer. I create and publish  Dungeons & Dragons supplements and other tabletop gaming content!

What I've Made So Far:

I've already published a few original games, such as a non-challenge-based fantasy RPG called  Journey Away and a single-player game about connection and loss called LAUNCH.

Right now I'm more focused on my ever-growing catalog of D&D supplements, from character backgrounds to completely new classes, and even a learn-to-play guide for beginners. Five bestsellers and counting!

What I'm Making Now:

I've got a few different irons in the fire:
  • Continued releases of D&D content
  • Development of an original D&D campaign setting
  • Development of a new fantasy RPG based on the original setting from Journey Away
Occasionally I might produce some other side project, but these are my main focuses for the foreseeable future. Sound like something you like? Consider becoming a patron!

What Being My Patron Means:

It means you like me or my work well enough that you want me to keep creating, and that you want access to sneak peeks, WIPs, and even finished products. Consider throwing me some spare change, and I'll keep doing this work.

Thanks a lot for stopping by, and I hope you like what you see!

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