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Greetings! I am an author, activist and public speaker on gender and sexual diversity in culture, politics, race, feminism and representation in media.

As a Black genderqueer trans woman and a former President of the LAMBDA Student Association at Mt. San Antonio College (Mt. SAC’s club for LGBT students and allies), I have lead classroom discourse on LGBT history, culture and politics for students taking Human Sexuality, Psychology of Sexuality, Psychology of Women, Child Development, Marriage and Family, Sociology and Sociology of Ethnic Relations for over a decade. 

Certified in Business Management, Small Business, Human Resource Management and International Business from Mt. San Antonio College, my other academic interests include philosophy, religion, political science and psychology. I am also creator of the hashtags #TransCrowdFund, #DisabilityCrowdFund and #FemCrowdFund, social media initiatives to redistribute wealth and provide economic stability to marginalized individuals. The tags have received media coverage from The Mary Sue, The Billfold, The FADER, NYLON, BGD Press and The Black Youth Project—published by the University of Chicago. Additionally, I am the founder of a nonprofit currently in start-up.

However, more than anything, I'm a comic book enthusiast. My love affair with the comic book industry began as a child, faithfully watching adaptations of popular DC Comics and Marvel Comics properties such as BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES and X-MEN, as well as Anime such as SAILOR MOON and CARD CAPTOR SAKURA. As a teen, I began collecting the original manga of my favorite anime adaptations before collecting American comic books, with titles such as BIRDS OF PREY, YOUNG JUSTICE, SUPERGIRL, BATGIRL, BATWOMAN AND BATMAN making up the bulk of my collection. My work analyzing LGBT themes in media is featured at ComicBookBin, Comicosity, ComicsAlliance and in Cinema Journal—published quarterly by the University of Texas Press

Through Patreon I will attempt to publish at least one essay or opinion piece per month as well as reviews for various media (music, film, television, comics, etc). Frequency may increase if I am able to abandon retail work altogether. Pledging a monthly contribution will enable me to concentrate on creative and nonprofit projects full-time. Rewards for second, third and top tier patrons will be personalized tarot readings by yours truly. Pledge today! Your pledge won't be collected until the 1st of each month. Thank you for your consideration!

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JAN 2019 UPDATE: In order to relocate by JUNE 2019 my goal is to collect $1500 in monthly pledges.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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