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About JS Veterans

Welcome to the JustSomeVeterans.com Patreon site! 

Who are we?
We are a couple of veterans that have been working to create a unique universe for both mobile and desktop games. One person makes the games, the other helps support and refine them. We aren't big, but we are ambitious, and we don't quit.

What are we working on?

After years of schooling and months of constant work, we have completed and are currently polishing Star Kinesis. Currently, we are planning on releasing it around Denver Comic Con as we will have a booth there for people to try the game. 

There are already a host of videos to take a look at Star Kinesis through, Alpha will likely be available soon. Just working out a few more issues.

What is Star Kinesis?
Star Kinesis is the first chapter in the V-Verse, it takes place in the early 22nd century. Humanity has struggled against corporate greed and monopoly, it almost toppled our civilization until the ejection of corporate serving entities within many world governments. Now the Earth and non-Terra colonies are on the verge of collapse as Earth is beating heart of humanity, and if it fails, it will be the end of the human race. After hundreds of years of neglect the Earth is now in the process of a run away green house effect. No technology has been able to solve the issue as many solid concepts were implemented too late. Without the ability of interstellar travel, finding a new world is not a viable option. Will you help find a solution? Or will you focus on being the last person alive. 

In Star Kinesis you will have to strategically progress through an always-moving solar system, clear all sectors until you move to the outer areas of our colonies on the moons of Saturn. You have been given remote command of a Modular Multi-role Carrier (MMC) Base. You gather resources and salvage enemy ships to upgrade your carriers, outfit countless modifications and purchase new carrier chassis'. Its a sci-fi, fast paced, tactical space strategy game. Offering achievements, leader-boards, in-app stores, dynamic battlefields and system generation. Designed for mobile but, playable on PC/Mac as well. This will allow for vastly prettier game-play and up the multi-player commanders up to 6v6 (for now). Tactics win battles, Strategies win wars... Choose your side, Military or Corporation and further your cause.

Assets can be destroyed so being careful and good matters. A percentage of all profits will go to AW2. As a disabled veteran myself, this foundation is close to my heart.

Please have a look at all the media and follow us on twitter/facebook @jsveterans! 

What do we have so far?
We have one educational app that is designed to show young adults what we, as a civilization, have done in space called Sol System - Humanity's Exploration of our Universe. Narrated and modeled 3D interactive app that's fairly light, this was an early test and is just up for fun still. Its free and anyone can download it on android. Check out the Sol System section here!

What's Next? 

We have already planned out the next 2 games and they will get done! They are part of the same universe and will share accounts through multiple games. The next title will likely be a MOBA that will intersect with Star Kinesis. Stay tuned! You won't be disappointed if you like unique concepts and sci-fi games.

We have many more videos on our Youtube channel, have a peek!

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Will add another give-away pin design for Denver Comic Con and Patreon subscribers
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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