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Illustrations by Juan Ochoa

Three to five times per month I will create a bundle of illustrations based on the topics and suggestions submitted by and voted on by my patrons. 


  • May use images for private or commercial purposes (see restrictions below)
  • Must credit Juan Ochoa
  • If my signature is not visible on an illustration please be sure to credit me via an image caption or include a specific credit for those images in a convenient manner.
  • Modifications (colors, equipment, size, orientation etc.) are allowed
  • May use images in multiple projects with no term limits


Every bundle will include a set of images specifically designated as suitable for usage on the web. Please feel free to share these images in any way you see fit. They are licensed separately under the creative commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) license and may be shared and remixed, even commercially, under the terms of that license.


  • May not use in sexually explicit, racist, sexist or otherwise offensive works.
  • May not be used in products sold primarily for the artistic value (i.e. coffee mugs, posters, etc.)

All example illustrations and many more examples of my work can be found on the following sites:

/portfolio/ http://www.juanochoa.co/
/doodles & blog/ http://juanochoascrapbook.blogspot.com

Thank you for considering this project!
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