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About Judson Hurd

Hey everyone! My name is Judson Hurd and I am known for making music for TV/Film and other media projects. I have also released three albums of solo piano, some singles, and many collaborations. 

What is this Patreon page for?

Everyday the music industry is changing. With increases of revenue coming from streaming, YouTube and less from album sales it's important for artists to look for other venues for revenue. 

      I have been making music all my life and it's my passion. Although I have a full time day job and I have a family I spend time making high quality music tracks and videos. The support that I get from fans, friends, and family help me invest in newer equipment, videos, promotion, and other things I need.
My music jobs include:
-Writing and Composing
-Making videos
-Editing, Mixing, and Mastering
-Accounting, clerical work
-Playing and buying instruments and equipment

    It can be hard sometimes to balance a day job, family, and other responsibilities to release music that is high quality. In order for music to be created that audiences will enjoy it is with your financial support that will help with this. 
    When you are sending money to me you are helping me to keep creating. Your support is very important and I am extremely grateful. 

What do I get for contributing? 

Music and new videos will be the main reward here. You will have early access to new releases, give me feedback, and different stuff like that. I don't really do many interviews, live streams, or chats so the support would be mostly to create the best art for my fans. I also don't believe in exclusive songs because I want everyone to hear music on as many outlets as possible. If that is a good enough to contribute then that's great! If not, I definitely understand and there are no hard feelings. 
   Thanks so much to everyone who is supporting me. You have no idea how much it means. You guys rock!



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