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About Juggermelon

Hello, I'm Melon! I enjoy drawing buff guys- human, monster, furry, robot, etc.I am a fanartist; I enjoy drawing people's characters or existing characters from video games, anime, tv series, etc. I also enjoy drawing for people too!


For $5 and $10 Tiers:
I normally do one to two featured images a month! An NSFW image that features a character from anything that I myself chose. For $5 tier, you will see the uncolored version of the image. For the $10, you will see the fully rendered version of the image.
Occasionally I might not have time to process a featured image


$20 and $30 tiers guarantee you a commissioned image! Normally I will mass message everyone near the end of the month and finish the image the following month. Please read the following rules!

Rules for $20 and $30 tiers

>IMPORTANT!! If you pledge to these tiers after the 25th of that month, I will be unable to process your commission due to lack of time to do so. If you still wish to pledge that late, I will see your pledge as a donation of sorts, but of course you will still have access to everything on my Patreon. Thank you for understanding!

1. MUST be a character from an anime, video game, manga, or tv show. Absolutely no OCs. My own OCs however, are viable options. It just helps me work faster! Also it makes sense since they're much cheaper than my usual commissions.

2. I am perfectly fine with SFW, NSFW, and Sexually Suggestive. I've gotten commissioned here a Fire Emblem girl eating a burger once and it was totally viable ahaha. Doesn't have to be a sexy dude if you don't want it to be. If you wish for it to be SFW, please specify!

3. I usually go sexually suggestive as my default. If you don't have a general idea in mind or just want to see me draw the character, no need to specify. Be minimum on details. Normally my messages are something along the lines of "Can you draw Asuma from Naruto!" and by default I'll draw something a lil sexually suggestive of my choosing, or even NSFW depending on my mood. More times than often, I'll do something SFW. Please do not give ultra specific details, this is not a normal commission, I'd be way undercharging if it was ahaha. You can say something like "Draw X with his legs spread" "Draw X holding up his chest". But otherwise, just saying the character without details is easiest for me if you have nothing in mind <:

4. Solo characters images. Two characters in one image acceptable under certain circumstances. If it's something like "draw these two characters kissing" then yeah I can do that! But if it's something sexual consisting of two characters, I won't be able to do it since i have to get these out pretty fast.

5. Please do not ask for updates and revisions. Revisions only acceptable if you genuinely want something added or changed (usually adding things is cool!). Do not ask for updates however, I promise I will eventually get to you. Only ask for updates if way more than a month has passed.

6. The image is yours to do as you please. No need to ask for permission to post it anywhere! They're commissions after all, they're your images! <:

7. I will be the one asking for your request. Do not pledge then ask, I will always ask for the request at the end of the month so I can process it next month. If you unpledge from the tier before the end of the month, I will still message you separately. All messages are sent thru mass text.
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