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My name is Julia Beutling, I'm a freelance illustrator from Germany with a deep love of the living world, stories and colours. I paint stylized images that are filled with fairy tale beings and real animals. Sometimes even humans are allowed in.

I love creating my very own projects, bringing positive artistic visions to life that I cannot see anywhere else. In the past, I self-funded work on illustration series and books such as Tiny Inklings and Junicorn.
Right now, I am planning my biggest project yet (and probably ever). It's still super secret, but I'm willing to let a few people in on it already.

If you'd like to support me on this very specific journey or just help me stay an artist with an independent voice, consider becoming a patron. This will also allow you to gain exclusive insights into my upcoming Super Secret Project and all the big plans I have for it.

So, what's that I hear about a Super Secret Project?

For over a year, I have been working tirelessly to prepare a new and truly enormous personal project. The plan is to (hopefully) officially announce it in the beginning of 2020 and launch it during the first half of the year. After that, it will be ongoing and needing continuous work for several years to come. It is a bit different compared to the work I did in the past, but it's incredibly close to my heart and something I have been wanting to create for half my life.
Below are some very early pre-production sneak-peeks.

The project will take up a considerable part of my work capacity for a long time, and in all likelihood there won't be any publishers or other big entities willing to invest in it. This is a real independent art project. In order to finish the work on this huge endeavour one day, I'll need some help from all of you who want to see it realised as well. That's why I set up this Patreon.

What is a Patreon?

This site is the easiest way for you to profoundly support me and my work. Every month, you pay an amount of your own choosing according to your support tier. With every new patron, I gain a liftle bit of additional financial security. In return, patrons get exclusive content from me. The platform Patreon keeps a few fees, but the vast bulk of your money goes to benefit me and my work directly.

And what exactly do patrons get in return?

My rewards for patrons focus entirely on supporting my Super Secret Project. Once you sign up, you get to know at once what this project is about, and month by month you'll follow me in sneak peeks and progression reports as I work my way towards finally showing this thing to the world.

Right now, this site is in a bit of an in-between state until the project launches officially. Until then, there aren't any impressive perks for patrons, but all reward tiers basically offer the same benefit of keeping you up-to-date with my secret project planning. If you'd like to give more than the minimum amount, that's wonderful and highly appreciated. On the official project launch, all tiers will get upgraded to offer way more and different benefits, so there's something else for patrons to look forward to.

Thanks so much!

For supporting an indie artist and for putting up with my current secrecy. I promise, all will be revealed in time.

Find more of my work at www.juliabeutling.com
or contact me via julia.beutling [at] mailbox [dot] org

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 26 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 26 exclusive posts

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