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About Julia Lee Barclay-Morton

I am a writer and creator of theater/performance/art. These things take time. Time not only to do but conceive, create, let sit, return to, revisit, revise, and then the rather time consuming process of finding the publishers, venues and places these projects want to live. In order to keep creating, I could use your help. As a Patron, you will have first dibs on seeing what I'm up to - whether it's finished writing, theater, art, or thoughts about the process of creating said writing, theater, art. I will invite you to engage at various steps along the way of these processes. I am also happy to give you a shout out on my social media platforms about your own project/s or fine self. But mostly, what you will be doing is giving this writer, artist, thinking human time and space to do her work. This would be you being a good human being. And me being incredibly grateful to you for that. I'm fairly sure there will be a place in heaven for you. If not, I don't know what the point of heaven is.

The video above is an introduction to the kind of art I make, which are short meditations on the life in front of me. This is the wetland where the Harlem and Hudson Rivers meet in Inwood Hill Park, taken in March 2015, after I had been editing my book at Indian Road Cafe. I like to do these handheld shots, 30 second to one minute meditations. I will post these kinds of videos periodically. Below I have posted a link to another video of accidental beauty outside the cafe.

For more information about me and access to links to my writing and other work, check out my blog Somewhere in Transition

Here is a link to another moment of Accidental Beauty
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