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I publish widely on the subjects of public space and performance, disappeared bodies, cultural violence, and social hypertrophy. I also write about the politics of gender, social media trolls, fourth wave feminism, and suicide bombers.  I do not tow to any political party which keeps me honest and my work free of partisanship and pandering to the virtue signalling all too prevalent today.  
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I write for a dozen publications, most of which do not pay their writers. The upshot is that more writing is accessible for free. The downside—it makes earning a living challenging for writers today who often pander to the current trend writing yet the hundredth article about why having an individual identity is good for the planet.  By sponsoring my writing and video production, you are supporting media which is free of this sort of pandering.  I will ask why identity is being frame as a "plus" and query if in fact it is at all good for anyone.  
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About Julian Vigo

Hi. I am Julian Vigo, a scholar, filmmaker, artist, and activist who works on public space and performance, disappeared bodies, cultural violence, social hypertrophy, women's rights, neo-colonialism, and the vast problems created by market capitalism. A specialist in critical anthropology, political philosophy, cinema, postcolonial theory, and media studies, I have spent much of my career as a professor at universities across the world—from New York University, Universidad de las Américas, Université de Tunis, to the Università di Bologna and beyond—where I have taught anthropology, comparative literature, performance studies, cultural studies, critical theory, philosophy of science, postmodernism, and performance studies. 

However, throughout my career in academia I witnessed the growing conservatism within the university where students were transformed into "clients" who are enlisted within a debt structure resembling that of indentured servitude and I witnessed first-hand how the university has become a locus to repress debate and to stifle dialogue.  As a result of these factors, I chose to leave academia and conduct my scholarship outside those halls.  

In 2010, I went to Haiti and researched the vast conflicts of interest of UN and international NGO interventions within sites of "disaster" which turn neoliberal interests into a machinery aimed at keeping a wealthy elite afoot in posh jobs overseas where the economic incentives create a neo-colonial theatre.  The result of "humanitarian efforts":  the mis-en-scène of saving the dark-skinned "other" was inevitably cast with the white westerner as the "force of good" reproducing older—if not terribly flawed—paradigms of power within countries whose population knows very well how to move forward without the intervention of the transnational educated elite coming to cash in on international relief funds.  My book, Earthquake in Haiti: The Pornography of Poverty and the Politics of Development (2015) chronicles this particular paradigm and the concomitant problems of trans-national dependency ecnonomics, manufactured impoverishment, and child trafficking. 

Since then, I have been working on questions of social poweronline "communities" and the non-community withinchild trafficking and international adoptionpublic and private space, and politics of the body.  I undertake pro-bono projects such as the research and  review of UN abuses in Sri Lanka during the final nine months of the conflict (2008-2009).  And in recent years, my work has focussed on critiques of sexism within the left, the dilemma of identity politics, the crisis of housing in the UK, the ecological dangers of neonicotinoid insecticidesquestions of class which are quickly elided as everyone ponders their individual pronouns, issues related to green architecture and technologybiorhythms and community, and myriad other topics. 

And here is where you come in!  I believe profoundly in the power of the written word and visual images. Moreso, I feel that everyone should have access to new information as well as informed, critical analyses—rich or poor.  I also think, given the capitalist system in which we all move, that creators should be paid for their work.  I have done a vast portion of my work since leaving academia for free and this is clearly not sustainable. And you would be shocked by how many publications do not pay their writers—at all.  Often it is because the independent publications are barely covering their administrative costs, while some of the larger publications are just downright cheap. 

It is in this spirit that I am asking those who follow my cultural debates to sponsor my work which consists of writingvideo production, and to a lesser degree, performance.  Having sponsorship, means I can free up my time up to focus on my creative endeavours.  And for this, I would be truly grateful to you! As it stands I am writing anywhere between four and six articles a week, putting in sixty hours a week in investigating, researching, and writing these pieces.

Feel free to check out my articles in TruthdigCounterPunch, Dissident Voice, HuffingtonPost, Feminist CurrentMorning StarThe Ecologist, LSD Magazine, The Political AnthropologistTruthOutSp!kedMedium, and my blog, OneWorld. Much of my academic writing can be found at Endoplasm where the publishers have kindly allowed me to reprint my work and my books can be found on Amazon. You might also wish to take a look through my portal to look through some of my film trailers, short video installation pieces, and my manifesto for the planet. 

Some have called my work thought-provoking, others find it somewhere between humorous and edgy.  It is certain that my work will piss off some and it will certainly make you laugh or scream at the world in which we live.  I work towards a reflective critique of social and political problems that necessitate action, that can take the form of writing a politician, voting, ceasing to consume so much shit, and rethinking our individual contributions to rampant social inequality and the ecological disaster we currently face. Regardless, my work will definitely challenge your perceptions of socialhistorical, and political paradigms and it might just prompt you to tweet me: "Hey, Julian, fuck off!" (You wouldn't be the first!)
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The Living Wage is calculated according to the basic costs of living to cover basic expenses (ie. housing, insurance, food, transportation, childcare) which would be $3,000 dollars a month.  If I can hit this figure, I will have more time for producing written and video content. 
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