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Hello my friend. I am a slow-lifestyle blogger. I believe in living consciously, beautifully and meaningfully. I chose to live in such a way and share my experience in the blog www.julijaminajeva.com
I am a freelancer, I create content for various brands and host their social media channels. I live in different countries from time to time changing the location. My way of living allows me to do that. However, this lifestyle demands knowledge, ability to let go and enjoy here and now moments. This is challenging. I am very grateful that I can share my thoughts about it in my blog. To inspire others and to learn myself.
I invite you to support this living style. Slow, mindful and inspiring living - is the one I believe in. the one, which I am sure, will make the world more friendly and safe place to be.
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I need a new SSD for my Mac Book Pro. The computer is dramatically slow, so I would like to renew it in order to get more and more work done and to share beautiful and amazing content :)
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