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About Julily

🌺 "Blooming up to the sky like a flower, I'm Julily; the idol from the Big Apple!" 🗽

Brimming with energy, Julily (aka Juliane Infantino) is an American J-Pop Idol; born and raised in NYC. When she was as young as 14 years old, she discovered Vocaloid music and learned about J-Pop through that. Ever since then, her passion for J-Pop has blossomed and she grown fondly of learning how to sing and dance.

Embedding her roots in the Odottemita(踊ってみた)community, she has been dancing as a member of “Jump Ship Dance” ever since 2012 when it was formerly known as “CosStarDance.”

Later on, Julily started her idol career in 2014, becoming the co-captain of the J-Pop Idol Group “Rainbow Bubble” until September 2015, when she then went on to found her own group, “NovaDrop.” This, in turn, strengthened her own individual growth and standing as an idol.

As of now, her mission is to emulate the atmosphere that native J-Pop Idols bring to their audience - local or far away. With over 6 years of experience, Julily has established herself as a soloist, spreading Idol Culture throughout America as the founder of the Overseas Idol Collection network and performing cross country at events like “Texas Idol Festival” and “Kira Kira Pop.” She hopes that the J-Pop Idol Community can flourish into something more widely accepted and appreciated!

While the journey has had its ups and downs, I've learned so much throughout that time, and yet there's still so much more to do! I'm super passionate and driven to make my dreams come true. However, it's tough considering the fact that the majority of the money I earn through my job goes straight to bills, rent, and groceries. Being an idol takes up a lot of effort, energy, and of course, money - hence why I started up this Patreon.

Every single dollar will be utilized to it's fullest potential by creating higher quality content. It will all go to better music equipment, creating original songs, having original outfits, transportation fees, lodging fees, studio rental, and more. Check out the goals on the left hand side for further information~

Glad you asked! Of course, I wouldn't want anyone to go empty handed so I provided different rewards for each level you donate. The more generous you are, the better the rewards! This includes (but is not limited to) exclusive patreon-only content, behind the scenes footage, prints, pre-orders, access to my discord server, and more! Just check the tiers on the right hand side for further information~
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With this, it will be much easier for me to provide compensation for those who are helping me create quality content and covers. I would not have to worry about paying out of pocket as the funds would go straight to photographers, mixers, artists, etc. I'll also be able to replenish merchandise for prints and start selling polaroid photos (chekis)!
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