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About JuMbLeDNate

I've always really enjoyed making content, whether it's original music, cover videos, or short little side projects. It's not only given me an outlet to express creativity, find connection, and a source of enjoyment for myself, but it's also been amazing to hear from other people that these videos have also connected with other people in many different and personal ways, and I'd love to keep this going as long as I can! 

If you'd like to help support this channel, I would really appreciate it. PLUS you'll get some cool rewards such as seeing what goes on Behind-the-Scenes, Extra Mini Covers, and Synthesia piano tutorials for songs that are played on the channel! (and all at the same cost of a cup of coffee or a Waffle House waffle OR a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch)

Your support will help me afford equipment, create videos quicker, and produce videos with better quality. Thank you!
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 • THANK YOU MESSAGE: You'll have my ever-lasting (and that's quite awhile)  appreciation for your support! 

 • PATREON ONLY FEED: Gain Access to the Patreon-Only Feed where you can see what goes on Behind-The-Scenes, What I do in my spare time, and my occasional adventures into THE OUTSIDE WORLD

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 • ACCESS TO POLLS: Help me decide which instruments are used or what songs are covered for future videos!

 • JOIN PATREON-ONLY LIVESTREAMS: Hang out in livestreams to hear some live music, chill out, and chat

 • MINI COVERS: You'll be able to see short versions of songs that I want to cover, but don't have the time to make a full version of. Or, even make suggestions for future mini covers yourself!


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• PRODUCER CREDITS: With this much support, you'll be listed in the outros of my videos as an executive producer for the channel!

• MP3 DOWNLOADS: I'll release Audio-only versions of the songs I cover so you can listen to your favorite covers whenever you want! Digital albums and singles of the covers will be released for you to download

• SYNTHESIA PIANO TUTORIALS: Learn the songs I play on piano through videos that show you exactly which notes to hit!


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