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About JumpCut Online

Way back in January 2015, the founders of JumpCut, Jakob Barnes and Nick Deal, were finding ways to procrastinate at university, when they discovered they shared an intense passion for film. As you do when you feel strongly about something, they went on the internet to shout into the void, writing up film reviews that no one would ever read. But, the void shouted back, and people did read. Not only that, but people actually wanted to shout alongside them. Fast forward five years, and JumpCut is now home to a number of talented writers providing fresh, honest reviews and articles for our rapidly growing audience.

Whether they write purely as a hobby in their free time, or to grow their writing portfolio for future employment opportunities - we have always been a platform which welcomes writers of any experience to share their thoughts on all things film, television and video games. One of our fundamental commitments here is to support our wonderful team of writers as best we can - after all, without them, we would be nothing.

2019 has been an absolutely incredible year for our team, This year alone they've covered a number of film festivals for us, including Sundance, Edinburgh, London, Tribeca, Glasgow, FrightFest, Film Fest 919, Cambridge, Nashville, and London Short Films. Whilst we've done our best in the past to raise money to support their coverage, we'd love to put proper arrangements in place for next year's festivals, and maybe even be able to offer paid festival opportunities outside of the team.

We've also been incredibly lucky to interview some ridiculously talented people this year, including 2019 Oscar nominees Terence Blanchard (Composer, BlackKklansman), Lukasz Zal (Cinematographer, Cold War), Robbie Ryan (Cinematographer, The Favourite), and Fiona Crombie (Production Designer, The Favourite). We've also had the pleasure of interviewing Christopher McQuarrie (Director, Mission: Impossible - Fallout), Melina Jeurgens ( Motion Capture Actress, Hellblade), Millie Shapiro (Actress, Hereditary), Issa Lopez (Director/Writer, Tigers Are Not Afraid) and the 'Twisted Twins' (Directors, Rabid) to name just a few!

But also without you, our audience, we would be nothing. With this in mind, we are launching this campaign so that we can pay our writers for the content they create, something we’ve wanted to do since day one.

As always, your continued support means the absolute world to the team and we can't express our appreciation enough. 

If you have any question about JumpCut, or subscribing, please don't hesitate to get in touch at [email protected] and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Thomas Sheffield

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