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is creating a tabletop role-playing adventure game for adults and children.
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With Beta Access, I'm giving everyone full access to all Jump Rangers gaming content as it gets developed - and everyone is encouraged to share any feedback they have from their own gameplay. 

Unless you ask me to do otherwise, all donors at this level will be credited as Beta Playtesters in the core tabletop rules when I finally get them published.

As I start writing short stories and youth literature around Jump Rangers, I'll be releasing that content to my Beta Access members as well. If we get this Patreon to a point where it's realistic to start developing graphic novel content, you'll get that too.

Lastly, I'll be sharing all the other content I mentioned in my introduction with Beta Access members. If you're interested in what's going on with my film career, if you want to check out the other tabletop RPG's I've written, or if you're interested in the other things happening with me, I'll be sure to keep that material available.

Beta Plus Access
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In addition to full access to Jump Rangers tabletop gaming content and all the other things that come with Beta Access, I'm offering my Beta Plus members a weekly chat on Discord to cover questions and feedback from your own games, to talk about what's happening in the world of Jump Rangers, and to talk about gaming, film, and anything else people want to get into.

As our community grows, we may need to break some of these subjects out into separate weekly discussions... but for now, this is the plan! Time and day to be announced.

Alpha Access
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With Alpha Access, I'm building a team of people with whom I will be personally playtesting Jump Rangers on a weekly basis on Roll20.net. As my film obligations become more demanding, this is very likely to be a tier I either need to eliminate or change in some way. Maintaining a weekly gaming schedule is a challenge even when we're not on a set 18 hours a day, or locked in an editing room for four months.

When the time comes, I'll talk to my alpha members about how they want to proceed. For now, this seems like one way to start getting people engaged in gameplay. My Alpha members make it possible to get my Adobe Creative subscription back online so I can start getting some decent graphic design done on Jump Rangers, and they're making it possible to start commissioning some artwork (and to start figuring out which artists are going to make good creative partners in the longterm).

Of course, my Alpha Access members will be credited in the Jump Rangers tabletop rules publication as Alpha Playtesters.




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About Jump Rangers

My name is Tennyson E. Stead, and I'm a writer and director in Los Angeles, California. In 2013, I suffered a traumatic brain injury on the set of a webseries. For the last several years, I've had to learn how to do almost everything in my life from scratch... except storytelling. Growing up in the theater gave me the habits and the skills I needed to keep growing professionally, even as everything else in my life was falling apart. Today, I'm living in a car with my finance while we write screenplays together, finance movies, and build our futures in showbusiness.

In many ways, I'm having the best year of my life. Obviously, there are other ways in which every day has been a struggle to survive. In the balance, I'm actively building the future I want to see for myself and my film community - and I'm on the brink of some amazing breakthroughs. In the meantime, I've got another project - something a little bit outside the realm of film - that I've been sitting on for far too long:

Jump Rangers is about ten year old space commandoes fighting for humanity's survival against an empire of giant alien dinosaurs - as well as giant alien robots, and all the other giant threats that wait for us among the stars. In brief, the idea is that when "The Saurian Horde" invaded Earth, our world has no interstellar travel of our own. The only way humanity could survive was by colonizing their vast and cavernous motherships, colonizing the worlds where they land, and spreading out amongst the stars like an infestation of bed bugs.

While the grown-up refugees of this shattered Earth live a ragtag, "bandages and blasters" existence trying to cling to civilization and to fend off extermination efforts, a number of brave kids have taken it upon themselves to sneak aboard alien vessels and steal technology, to lead refugees and carry news between worlds and systems, to subvert and sabotage alien efforts to annihilate humanity, and to lead humanity into the future. While this creative process has started as a tabletop role-playing game (like Dungeons & Dragons, but much more kid-friendly), my ultimate goal is to expand this content into mid-range novels, graphic novels, and eventually mobile games, toys, cartoons... and indeed, cinema.

What made Harry Potter so powerful to me is the idea that the kids have all the authority, the kids have all the power - and my goal with Jump Rangers is to take that idea as far as it can go. In this world, being small and adaptable is what gives these heroes authority. From the games to the toys to the stories, I want to keep the doors open for kids to find or create the characters that reflect their own attachment to the world of Jump Rangers. In the novels and the cartoons, I want to keep rotating through a diverse range of compelling characters - so everyone can see how they fit into this world. When it comes to the toys and games, I want kids to be able to pick the action figure or build the character THEY relate to as themselves rather than sell them on just one character.

With this Patreon, my first aim is to finish developing the tabletop game that started it all and to playtest it with geeks, parents, and anyone who loves this idea I'm building on. As I finish and post the chapters of the tabletop core rules, I'll make them available to everyone who visits this page. Once that's done, I'll move on to supplementary gaming content and the mid-range reading content I mentioned earlier - and all of that will be available exclusively to subscribers. My hope is that making the core rules as widely available as possible will get people involved in the Jump Rangers universe, that it will make the world of Jump Rangers very easy to share with others, and that it'll help to build a strong community around this game and all the things to come.

As we build a subscriber base, I'll start by using the money to pay for some much-needed food and coffee. When we reach $75 a month, I'll reactivate my Adobe Creative Suite and start using that to create some design for Jump Rangers. As soon as we have the money, I'll start hiring artists to come into this community and help me finish developing the roleplaying book - and eventually, we'll move into comics.

Once my film career gets busy (which hopefully won't be long from now), we'll have to revisit all this in terms of how I schedule myself... but to me, Patreon feels like a great way to start making tabletop game development sustainable. What's more, it helps keep Jump Rangers grounded in the community and close to the people who play it. Bringing people together around storytelling is a huge part of what I want from my career, and it's definitely a crucial part of what tabletop roleplaying has always been about for me.

Check out the game, and please let me know what you think! If you'd like to see more content, if you want to see artwork, or if you just want more involvement in the Jump Rangers universe or the community around it, then please subscribe. Your support is what makes this game, this universe, and this community possible.
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When we hit $75 a month, I'll be getting my Adobe Creative Suite back on line and I can start making this Patreon a little more visual! Thank you, Everyone!
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