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Hello, my name is Roxanne Adupe. You know me better as the California-based freelance illustrator, June of June Sketches. I have been drawing professionally for a little over a year and am loving it so far.

I create just about anything and everything I dream of. Literally, my creations come from my subconscious. Since beginning my journey, my eyes have been opened to more colors and inspirations which mean more dreams, more stories, and more art. I would love to continue showing you my interpretations of these new colors.

Project: The Bird Song Comic

I am currently working on a comic called The Bird Song which is an expanded story from a short vivid dream I had one night involving around the concept “penguins mate for life”. This story revolves around a young adult by the name of Clara Walsh who’s life is thornier than the average.

This comic is currently in the world-building stage as well as scriptwriting.
The Bird Song Artwork

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 17 exclusive posts
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