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About jungla.dk

My goal with PATREON is...

To establish and grow collaborative stewardship of the Amazon rainforest whilst creating solutions to global food security challenges. This is the big dream and I am starting small, but I know that even the grandest adventures start with small steps.

One thing you need to know about me, I’m wild. I grew up in the Venezuelan Amazon, in an unconventional, isolated community, home schooled until I was 14. I was then sent to a very strict religious, militarised school (still in the middle of the jungle) where I rebelled against most aspects but managed to come out with a senior grade. Now imagine, the huge contrast I faced when I migrated to the capital city of Denmark for reasons of the heart, and where I have now lived for almost 2 decades. Being here I’ve learnt new languages, new ontologies, become a professional chef, understood a different relationship with nature, food and so much more. My point is, from all this, I have a unique perspective, I have experienced distinctly different worlds that I know deeply, have a huge ability to support each other if given the channel.

The first step in realising this dream, is to offer an immersive gastronomic journey traveling through Amazonian communities on ‘my way home’. This will be achieved largely through the medium of a documentary and is intended to create awareness of what exists as well as raise questions of what could be. There will be some opportunities for the journey to be a reality, a physical program that a small number of people can partake in, but for most people this journey will reach you digitally.

I believe that we cannot solve these global issues purely through a Western approach of logic but that the spiritual and fundamental relationship that we have to our food and environment need to be part of the solution – this is what this journey will help to teach us. This will also be an opportunity to discover where Danish systems can assist those communities currently facing external development in an uncanalized way, creating a mutually positive exchange and empowerment of both sides.

What does it mean for you to sponsor me?

If I can reach $1000 a month it means I can cover my own basic living expenses (between Denmark, Brazil and Venezuela) and can concentrate on progressing the project, establishing collaborations and relationships with local communities & film makers as well as give basic assistance (food, clothes etc.) when I visit for project work.

If I can reach $2000 a month travel between communities becomes easier and I am able to give small contributions to collaborators (film crew, documentary team, local communities participating). The more funds available, the more significant these contributions can be.

If Patreon goes crazy with support, the sky is the limit, there is so much to do!

So if you have some money left over in your monthly budget and want to support this dream, I will be incredibly grateful - and so will the jungle! Sponsorship is super easy and you are free to change your commitment at any time, but if you want the nitty gritty, please check out: https://support.patreon.com/hc/en-us/categories/360000481411-PATRON-BILLING

Together we can create sustainable systems of custodianship, that nurture the Amazon rainforest whilst simultaneously generating solutions to global food and environmental issues through cultural exchange.

Come with me on this journey, let’s co-create a simple, but meaningful future!
Lui Lezzi
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"Return to the Jungle"

This will allow me to return home and complete a pre-production tour for my Documentary project. It will allow me to give a small payment to my amazing collaborators and co-creators who help me to film and photograph along the way. 

Reaching this goal also means you get to share this experience with me! I will be updating you all the time (with Amazonian wifi!!), giving you glimpses of the documentary structure, live streaming and downloadable videos - just for YOU!

For 'Ether' Patrons you even have the opportunity to create your own personal adventure and join me on the trip!! (logistics to be discussed, but it is a possibility!).
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