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Pillar Of Strength
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First of all, I am so incredibly thankful that you want to support my work and be a part of this community! You are my pillar of strength; the literal foundation this work is built upon. 

Because of you, I will be able to drink at least 1/2 of a (desperately needed) coffee this month...(often also allowing me internet access in a new city/country to help me get my bearings)! In addition to my gratitude, you will gain access to the 'Patron Only' feed here on Patreon, where I post pictures, notes, check-ins & video footage of the amazing places I go, as well as asking opinions & advice from my patrons...

A journey is only as good as the companions who join you on it. Thank you for joining me on this jouney & giving me the opportunity to share it with you! 

The Word Weaver
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First of all, I am so incredibly thankful that you want to support my work and be a part of this community!

The Word Weaver

You are a legend-hunter; someone who thrives on epic tales, adventures & ancient music! Because of you, I can eat at least one small meal this me a moment to breathe & the peace of mind that I can spend my morning working, researching & recording, instead of barely scraping by. You show me that my stories & songs mean something & give me the courage to keep going, even on the days I want to give up... 

In addition to my undying gratitude + everything in Tier 1, you will have access to:

- The Loom, a podcast series weaving & reworking lesser known myths & legends from around the world for ONE YEAR before they air on iTunes!

- On occasion, you will also receive secret music tracks to go with episodes of The Loom, folk song arrangements created only for your ears!

- Behind-the-scenes info, outtakes & extended material from podcast episodes...

The Troubadour
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per month

First of all, I am so incredibly thankful that you want to support my work and be a part of this community! You are The Troubadour; the person who helps me compose & write new songs, record albums & perform live shows as a singer/songwriter/storyteller & tradition-bearer! 

You are someone with a passion for ballads & bawdy songs, alike! You relish hearing songs in many languages & supporting independent musicians in creating their own work! 

Rest assured knowing that you have allowed me 1/2-1/3 the price of a hostel room to sleep in (or, more likely edit & record & practice music in) one night of each month while on the road, but you have potentially bought me another hour of writing, practice, editing & recording time. You show me that my stories & songs mean something; that you believe in me as an artists & performer; You give me the courage to keep going, even on the days when I want to give it all up! 

In addition to my undying gratitude & everything in Tier 2, including access to the secret ‘The Loom’ storytelling series, you will receive early access to my albums or recordings before they go live. You will get one free ticket to any concert I perform in your area, per month AND a recording or video of an arrangement/performance of a folk song of your choosing (provided it is in the public domain)! 

YOUR song! Just for YOU!  

I love a challenge...




per month


My name is Genevieve & I am so gad you are here!

I believe that many people long for a richer, more fantastical, mystical & expressive world than the one we have been creating for ourselves. I believe connecting to our roots through folklore, music & dance can give us that--and help us remember that we have the ability to create our world in any way we choose. I have seen with my own eyes the ability of music & movement to transform & connect individuals--through eras, across cultural differences & beyond all odds. I believe our arts are quintessential to both our evolution and progress as a species. More specifically, I believe that folkloric traditions offer a unique lens into our separate & mutual histories, fostering opportunities for camaraderie & transformation.


Three years ago I sold all my possessions & hit the road to learn & preserve as many pieces of traditions, songs & dances as I could & (more importantly) sought to share them with a global audience through performances & 'projects.' So I created This website hosts all my various projects, including...

1.) We Who Move:

I attend festivals. I go to tiny villages & large cities; delve into archives & produce audio, visual & written elements for We Who Move - including podcasts (which are currently being picked up on multiple community radio stations), mini-video documentaries & recordings of traditional songs & folktales, and writing based on my travels & research...

2.) Juniper & The Wolf:

I perform these traditional folk songs & myths, teach dances, and create my own original pieces, under the name Juniper & The Wolf. This not only gives me a chance to share what I have learned in a more direct & intimate way, but allows me to collaborate with & connect independent musicians & tradition-bearers across the world...

3.) The Long-Term Goal:

Over the next few years, I will be creating a many-teamed company/foundation of artists, researchers, and multi-lingual performers, (film makers, dancers & musicians, etc. - you get the idea) who travel together for long periods of time to research folk traditions, create pieces of art, performance & workshops based on their research (and involving the communities of each culture), then producing & performing their work globally. In this way, I hope to help chronicle & save traditions that are disappearing, uncover elements of history in seemingly 'well-known' traditions that are not common knowledge & inspire a new generation of fascination & passion for folkloric arts & traditions everywhere.

Once established, my secondary goal is to become an artistic powerhouse/umbrella organization to support independent folk artists & tradition-bearers around the world, striving to foster cross-cultural collaboration & temperance/tolerance across the world, through art & education.

But I cannot possibly do it alone, which brings us to...


Once upon a time (for real, though), artists/performers/inventors/guilds/etc. --if they were lucky--could acquire what was known as a PATRON. The Patron (usually a lord/lady, king/queen, someone with lots of money & power, etc.) would support the artists' work (by feeding/clothing them, giving them money & connections, etc.) because they believed that this person's art/work/ideas had actual value & wanted it to reach greater heights. In exchange, the artist would work for their Patron, (things like giving private performances, creating commissions & generally spreading nice words & rumors about them across the land, wearing their coat of arms/colors/sigil, etc).

TODAY. Most people in our world (like back then) are not independently wealthy. However, when we all come together in what ways we can, we are just as powerful. Many people, like you & me, believe that the work of artists, inventors, researchers, creators and small companies DO have value & deserves to be supported. Thus PATREON was created!

PATREON allows you to support the work of independent artists, creators etc. in whatever ways you like, in whatever means you are able. Do you only want to pay artists/creators for works they complete (like a performance, video, blog post, song or album)? No problem! Feel like an artist/creator deserves to earn at least $5 per month for their countless hours of hard work, or maybe drink one cup of coffee? Great! Me too! Want to support each project, but only have $10 you can spare? You can put a cap on the amount you support & stop at any time!

Basically, PATREON makes it easy to support friends & strangers doing work they are passionate about, so that it doesn't disappear from the world & they don't starve in the process.
I mean, can you imagine what the world might look like if most of us actually did the things that we are passionate about? (I'd sure like to see us try).


My hope down the road is to not only be receiving cultural & arts funding for my work from large foudnations & organizations (something I would need to employ a grant-writer for, for example), but even eventually to be one of those organizations for other artists & researchers. But right now, it's just me...working the equivalent of at least 4 full-time jobs or so, mostly alone...and not getting paid for any of it.

When you choose to support the work I do while We Who Move and Juniper & The Wolf are in their beginning stages, you are directly shaping & supporting the growth of this company & me, as an artist. What's more, you are showing me that it is important that this exists; that you believe we have the ability to cultivate a more passionate, expressive & self-aware species, honoring each other for our traditions & our differences, to build a stronger, more beautiful world, together. Whatever your story, wherever you are--thank you, for taking the time to read this & support an artists--any artist--on here or elsewhere; whether it's by offering financial support, a cup of coffee, a much needed connection, sharing this work with a friend, or just by reading here, all the way to the end.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart...
In hope, love, light & laughter,
~ Genevieve

$116 of $200 per month
Once I reach my first $200, I can afford to buy the proper interface/phantom power I need to connect my guitar & microphones directly to my computer for recording BOTH podcasts & music.  (This is quite the necessary step, if I want to cut my editing time in half, which is usually spent trying to make up for or cover errors in the raw sound files & the endless time it takes to transfer everything, not to mention quality loss in transference). 

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