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Rollie Pollies are cute as heck. I used to empty my pencil boxes in school, throw a clump of grass inside and put rollie pollies in there and keep them in my desk. Didn't turn out well but gosh they're cute.

Rollie Pollies get access to Patreon-exclusive content (intermittent- updates on whats up with me and what's coming on the horizon). You also get the benefit of knowing that I know you love and support my work and my eternal gratitude. <3 

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Lady bugs are lovely and my kid and I love them. They always are a beacon of good things to come for me and inspire a sense of awe.

Lady bugs get access to Patreon-only content as well as preference in content requests. 

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Crickets make really beautiful sounds. Sometimes I find them in my room and thank them for being a good omen. They always are.

Crickets get access to all of the benefits of the tiers above, as well as access to my newsletter archive and your name written in my newsletter and at the end of my video.




Hi! I'm Juniper Cameryn (they/them)! I'm an autistic, non-binary mama, and transformative justice advocate and educator. My mission is to create a world free from abuse.

I put out a bi-weekly newsletter small transformations where I explore transformative justice, and also address intersections with issues such as motherhood, ableism, anti-capitalism, feminism, anti-racism and more. Most of my content follows my healing journey and the lessons I've picked up after 7 years of supporting and learning about transformative justice, figuring out boundaries and self-care, forming supportive and nourishing community, experiencing a healthy romantic partnership, and more. 

Starting this November I am putting out video content on the same topics as my newsletter.

I am creating this Patreon so that I can continue offering accessible content about these crucial topics for free. Accessibility is a primary value in my work, and mediums such as Patreon allow me to create content and connect with my audience without feeling like I have to undermine my values to monetize my message.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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