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-Unreleased Demos and Sketches. Dive into the journey of each release and see the creation process unfold from beginning to end! I will post the very first demo of a song before it hit production and the concept sketches that led to the creation of the song’s album cover! <3

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About Juniper Vale

My name is Sarah Jane and I am on a quest to find home. <3

I have teamed up with brothers, Vian Izak, an innovative and world class musician/producer, & Hein Zaayman, a whimsical world building 3D animator/illustrator, to venture the known and unknown in search of truth in a combined music and art endeavor called Juniper Vale.
We create genre bending Banjo Electronic Dance Music with elements of Opera & Jazz and pair it with beautifully hand drawn illustrations, adventure comics & fictitious two-dimensional worlds for a multi-media experience that explores the meaning of home!

Is home just a house? Is it the feeling of a warm hug? Is it cuddling up on a rainy day or staring up at the stars?
Is home the sound of a favorite song played over and over again? Or the moments spent sitting around the table with family and friends?
Perhaps when we truly feel at home, we are experiencing the beauty of who we really are?

Join us on the journey, as we create art and music that seeks out the people, the places, and the things that bring about true belonging in our lives. Dive into the music and the art up close and personal! Join the conversation as we create community together! And Welcome home. :) <3

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When we reach $1000 a month, I’ll host a Juniper Vale Patron-Only Live Stream Party for each Major release!
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