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SEPTEMBER UPDATES+: I'll be going on hiatus for a little while with life getting in the way! All of my focus is currently on No Main Characters, so if you're a writer, hit me with your stories there!

Hey, I'm Jackson aka Junker! I'm a 30 y/o trans guy working web development and tech support full time! I write a lot of LGBTQ+ fanfic and self-publish erotic gay novels on the side. If you're interested in getting access to my original works between publications, here's the place to be! I post mostly Cis M/M though sometimes I'll focus on transmen characters paired with men and women. If you stumbled onto here without knowing my content beforehand, I have free/PWYW short stories here to give you a feel for my writing style. All complete works ultimately end up as novels or anthologies, so you can buy digital copies of any of my books if you want to support me in a different way or just twice as much!

I update Biweekly on Mondays at the very least. At least one of those updates per month will be a fic update, whether it's a short story or an update to an ongoing novel.

As for the content of these updates, here's what you can expect

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  • The Discord! I've added a little Discord server where we can chat! We have that music robot so we can share music while we write together! It's a little sparse right now, but I am taking suggestions on what else to add to it! All tiers get access to the Discord!
  • There is a tier that gives you the ability to request your own short story in the "Their Happy Endings" Series. You can read more about it here.

You can view the WIP Indexthe Short Stories tag, and the Complete Book Index to get an idea of the content already available to you when you pledge!

If you'd be interested in seeing other tiers, please hmu and I'll see if I can accommodate you!

Thank you for considering to check out updates while I work!
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