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About Jun Wu

Hi Friends,

I did an interview recently and one of the questions asked was this:

Who is Jun Wu? What does she hope to accomplish through her influence on her current and future audiences?

Needless to say, this question stomped me for a second. But, after some thinking, I realized that the answers are very easy. 

Here's what I wrote: "
- I'm a fusion of writer and technologist. My experiences in life made me quite a feminist and a mental health advocate.
- I love that Medium has given me a voice unlike any other. I feel the freedom to develop myself as both a technologist as well as a writer on Medium.
- Through my essay writing, I'd like my audience to care about issues such as mental health, women in technology, advances in AI and intentional parenting.
- Through my technical writing, I'd like my audience to code better and lead better coding lives.
- Through my poetry writing, I'd like to inspire more soul and spirit in the lives of people.
- Through writing on Medium, I hope to branch out into data science work on other platforms, freelance writing work for major publications and publish books from inspirations while writing on Medium.

Everything I do in my life is geared toward making use of all my talents to better the lives of others. No matter who my audience is, I intend to accomplish just that.

So, I am sharing my new projects with you on this Patreon page. 

I am seeking your support for the projects that were conceived from taking part in the writing community on Medium. 

Poetry Collections on Amazon - Every 3 months, I will release a poetry collection of my best works from the previous 3 months on Amazon. First Collection will be released in October 2019.

Previews (with audio and video) will be available for Patrons the month before release. 
Patrons can also give me feedback related to the released poems. I will give shoutouts for Patrons who helped with my poetry writing process. I will also mail Patrons a signed autograph copy of the poetry collections. 

Essay Collection on Amazon - Every 6 months, I will release the essay collection of my best essays in the cross-section of technology, writing, and psychology to inspire a new generation of essayists starting March 2020. I will mail Patrons a signed autograph copy of the essay collection. 

I hope that you will support my journey of creating a few collections of my best works.

In the process, I hope to share more inspirations with you every day on Medium and other writing platforms. 

I hope that these inspired works will talk to you soul to soul where we all may find some common ground. 

Thank you for reading. 
Jun Wu

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