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You are the background healer; the character that gives advantage on checks; the adventurer who remembers to check for traps before we charge in. And for you, we are so thankful.

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You'll have access to the Patron-only updates for our RPGs which includes:

--Early access to podcast episodes for character creation, character leveling, session 0, and more!

--Exclusive Patron-only access to podcast post-episode recordings.

--Early access to video content including game recaps, GM tips, and behind the scenes.

--Access to electronic character sheets and handouts used in our games.

Just like a good Session 0, your support sets the ground work for what we are able to create. In honor of that, this tier is focused on giving you access to EXTRAS and early content...this is what you help us build!

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As a TechnoBarbarian, you'll have access to everything from the previous tiers as well as:

--Access to our Patron Discord Channel with your name in BLUE!

--We will give you a PERSONALIZED SHOUT-OUT on the podcast. You'll get a priority thank you when you join the tier and then you'll be honored at least quarterly, as long as you remain at the tier, when we thank our TechnoBarbarians on the podcast.

--Access to Patron-only streams for game prep, recaps, and test games.

--Access to Lens posts on Patreon.

--Vote on future games, episodes, and happenings in exclusive polls!

Our TechnoBarbarians have that extra touch of neon-noir and this tier reflects it, focusing on the extras we can offer through technology -- the things we can illuminate by the soft glow of the monitors. This tier is for those that want to be super connected to what we are doing!

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Thank you, fellow Barbarians, and welcome to Just Barbarian Things. We create actual-play and gaming-related podcasts which are released every week. We also paint miniatures, make gaming videos, build costumes and cosplay, and otherwise live in the world of nerdom and geekery.

What are We Up To?
Right now, we are most well-known for our series of role-playing podcasts. In our main series, Fireside Stories, we run and play short adventures in a lot of different systems so we can try them out and decide which one would fit best for a longer campaign. This provides YOU with a weekly adventure that helps you see how a system works and if you like it before you put it on your table.

How Can You Help?
This page is your resource for all of our news and happenings. Even if you choose not to become a Patron, following us here can make sure you are in the know on everything we are doing! Your feedback as part of our community is an immense help and support in making things happen. Do you have the capacity to help us do more? There are a few ways you can do just that!
  • Become a Patron - Choose a level that works for you and help fund everything from adventure materials, to subscriptions, to the hardware and software that makes our content sound great! You can also earn rewards. Want a reward we don't offer or have ideas for new rewards? Let us know! We are trying to expand and make this what you want it to be!
  • Tip us a Coffee - We understand that a subscription isn't the best fit for everyone. Did you love an episode and have the ability to provide a one-time tip? Check out our Ko-fi page to tip just three dollars at a time when it works for you.
  • Buy a Book - Playing through multiple systems and adventures means we need access to a ton of books and materials. We try to keep costs low by using PDFs where we can. We have a Wishlist on DriveThruRPG where you can see the core books and adventures we are looking to include in future episodes. If you'd like, or if there is an adventure or system you want to MAKE SURE we play, you can buy us the books we need to make that happen. We will give you proper credit and thanks in the associated content we make with those materials. You can also shop on DriveThruRPG with our affiliate link to help us earn credits for new books.
  • Buy some Barbarian Gear - We have a store on TeePublic so that you can buy a shirt or other gear that shows off your Barbarian status (and helps others learn about us when you wear it)!
  • Leave Reviews and Feedback - Let us know what we can do to make this work better for you and make it what you want it to be! If you like what we are doing, share it with your friends or leave us a rating and review on your podcast platform of choice! It helps other people find us because of the way that podcasts are sorted and shown in each platform.

No matter how you contribute, we are glad to have you as part of our roving band and we are excited to have you as part of our collaborative and supportive community!
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Starting at $100 per month we will invest 5% of our earned patronage back into Creators we believe in. This is a tradition we will build on even after we pass this goal because we believe in harnessing the inner Rage to make things!
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