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About Just Cassie

Hi! I'm Cassie, a writer / mother / wife / editor / proof-reader / critique / everything else / plus from New Zealand. While the mother and wife tag aren't going anywhere, I would very much like to reduce my titles back down to writer/plus (mentor/cheerleader probably!).

Writing is (aside from being a mother) my biggest thing. It's been my thing since I was tiny wee, and will remain my thing until I take my last breath. 

As J.C. Hart I write fiction influenced by the mythology and culture of the land I live on. As Nova Blake I draw inspiration from fairy tales and mythology from the wider world. Or, you know, just things I make up. In all my books I love nothing more than exploring the complexities of relationships, whether they be between friends, lovers, family, or enemies. Sometimes there is romance, and sometimes horror - and sometimes a little of both!

So, why Patreon? I've seen this asked and answered in a lot of ways, but for me it's about community. I am super into connecting with people, and the way social media operates now it can be hard to be visible, which means that even those people who want to know what I'm up to don't see those posts. So, for now, this seems like the best option.
For a small monthly cost - as low as $1 - you can join my team and get insights before anyone else, and in some cases things that no one else does. It tells me that you support me, and that support will give me the boost which means I'll have more to offer you.

As far as credentials go, I’m an alumna of the Te Papa Tupu programme, a Sir Julius Vogel Award winning editor, and over the past five years have published over ten novel and novellas. My short stories have been printed in various anthologies including: A Foreign Country, Baby Teeth: Bite-sized Tales of Terror, Cthulhu: Land of the Long White Cloud, and Regeneration.
Which is to say, I've been doing this a long time. I had my first short story published almost a decade ago, and I'm always looking for ways to improve my craft.
Your support will help me to focus on that. 
$22 of $25 per month
I will do a Q&A vlog post to celebrate hitting this milestone! Anyone can send in questions, and all patrons will be able to view it.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts
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