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Official server donator! Your support will be immensely well used to maintain and improve the server infrastructure!

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You are helping us make Just Cause - Roleplay the best damn roleplay server ever seen! Thank You. You'll get exclusive access to the basic VIP beneficts: (valid for 30 days) 
  • a badass [VIP] tag on Server and Discord made exclusively for our VIP Members!
  • ability to change the in-game nickname
  • $10,000 and $5,000XP to spend as you wish on the server!
  • exclusive access to an secret channel on discord with spoilers and upcoming-news!
  • more coming soon...

VIP Premium Member

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Besides getting everything from the basic VIP Member, you will have:
  • Wingsuit available for purchase
  • $20,000 and 10,000XP
  • Ability to use colors on chat
  • Access to an exclusive-and-hidden Discord Channel
  • Can have up to 20 Garage Slots
  • Earn XP and Salary even AFK
  • Have 2x the Savings income of the bank
  • Ability to buy permanent VIP Houses
  • Ability to buy VIP Weapons
  • Ability to write Colorful Texts in the chat
  • Receive 5% more remuneration (XP and money) for working
  • and much more coming (like VIP Vehicles and stuff)



About Syed Muhammad

Welcome to Just Cause - Roleplay server

Just Cause - Roleplay
is an online roleplay server modification of Just Cause 3 Multiplayer, that immerses you in a great adventure of roleplay, come and join dozens of players!

Work, eat, level up, get rich, buy houses, vehicles, skins and be the King of the Hill!

You can expect from the server: dozens of Jobs to get money like Truck Driver, Pizza Delivery, Farmer, Hunter, and more, and interactive jobs too like Police, Taxi Driver, Rebel Mercenary, Military Soldier, etc. Races with community-made race tracks. Collectible Items to collect and get money & xp. Hunger, Thirst and Fuel system. Stats like Driving, Stamina, Lung Capacity and more. A lot of establishments, such as Gun Shops, Snack Bars, Stores, Banks, Gas Stations and more!
That is: lots of fun! And if you collaborate with the host, you will have doubled fun with all the benefits (listed in the rewards).

Our website:

About Me:

My name is Gabriel Nardy and I am a programming student at the University of São Carlos. I'm a big fan of roleplay servers since the SA-MP, so one day in 2014 I decided to start a Just Cause 2 - Multiplayer roleplay server. And now with the launch of the new Just Cause 3 - Multiplayer Mod, I've decided to remake the roleplay server into Just Cause 3 Multiplayer. For now I'm hosting the server at my own home, since I have no resources to bank a host to keep the server running 24/7.

Thank You!
I humbly thank you for your consideration in supporting this lovely project! Your donation, no matter how big or how small, will make Just Cause Roleplay a better server.
P.S.: All VIP benefits are valid for 30 calendar days!

If you want to donate once, you can do it via PayPal: [email protected].
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A stable host located in EUROPE! Now low ping for almost everyone!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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