Syed Muhammad is creating a Just Cause Roleplay Server

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$5 or more per month patrons
Official server donator! Your support will be immensely well used to maintain and improve the server infrastructure!
VIP Member
$10 or more per month patrons
You are helping us make Just Cause - Roleplay the best damn roleplay server ever seen! Thank You. You'll get exclusive access to the basic VIP beneficts: (valid for 30 days) 
  • a badass [VIP] tag on Server and Discord made exclusively for our VIP Members!
  • ability to change the in-game nickname
  • $10,000 and $5,000XP to spend as you wish on the server!
  • exclusive access to an secret channel on discord with spoilers and upcoming-news!
  • more coming soon...
VIP Premium Member
$15 or more per month patrons
Besides getting everything from the basic VIP Member, you will have:
  • Wingsuit available for purchase
  • $20,000 and 10,000XP
  • Ability to use colors on chat
  • Access to an exclusive-and-hidden Discord Channel
  • Can have up to 20 Garage Slots
  • Earn XP and Salary even AFK
  • Have 2x the Savings income of the bank
  • Ability to buy permanent VIP Houses
  • Ability to buy VIP Weapons
  • Ability to write Colorful Texts in the chat
  • Receive 5% more remuneration (XP and money) for working
  • and much more coming (like VIP Vehicles and stuff)