is creating Paintings, Sculptures and Film Photography
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About Justine

My name is Justine, and I make beautiful things everyday. Namely: painting, drawing, sculpting, and I do a bit of film photography.
A brief history of my life: Born 'n' raised in Hicksville, Wisconsin. I've just returned from living and studying in Florence Italy for a year. Fresh moved to New York City, repping bed-stuy because rent.
Words to describe me: an iridescent imperfectionist mermaid.
Words to describe my art: realistic figurative lighthouse candy boxes featuring wildlife and hot people.
Mostly deer, skeletons, abandoned houses and naked people.
I'm a 21 year old Artist just trying to not die, I already work three jobs and with your help maybe I can quit one of the worst ones so I can focus on my upcoming shows and residencies! Another big dream is to afford a domain name and get me some business cards. I can also afford submission fees for shows, all with your love and support.
Lots of perks to supporting art stuff like mine such as:
My personal begrudging love complete with hypothetical high fives
Good luck for seven years but none after that
occasionally finding pennies on the ground
everlasting respect and admiration from all those dead artists from the renaissance period watching over you at all times, much like Santa.
All this and:
-in-progress works, tutorials, prints, signed and delivered original film photographs, commissioned portraits and more!
If you're not already 100% convinced, here's my website for further study and deliberation.
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right now I'm unfashionably justinearindajohnson.weebly.com
how much more classy profesh would I be if it was just straight up justinearindajohnson.com?
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