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is creating A safe space for Intuitive Healing and Spiritual Guidance

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Access to the first draft of my memoir as I write, which will only be posted on Patreon. As well as in the moment shares. I will pour my soul out as I feel called, in order to bring you thought provoking and stimulating information about magick, witchcraft, archetypes, astrology and intuitive healing. In addition this will be a safe space for you to ask questions, connect with other like-minded and loving souls, and "come out of the broom closet".
You will also be loved so hard for supporting me as I embark on this new facet of my magickal journey.

Alchemy Academy

per month
Access to Tarot Card of the Month as well as current astrology to help to help navigate the month ahead. I will drop in and channel my most deep and divine knowing from a place of reverence and openness on or before the New Moon. In this in-depth reading, I will interpret the cosmic hints and share from my intuition. Using Tarot cards is part of my daily practice, and joining me monthly in this ritual will help you to develop your own, as well as learn about these powerful tools. Paired with current astrology, we are better able to make decisions that are in alignment. Even if you are new to Tarot and astrology, this tier can be extremely helpful.

*All tiers have access to B*Witchin

Mystery School

per month
*This is a $10 discount from my usual 3 card reading rate*
Monthly over the phone, one-on-one 3 card pulls:
Past/ Present /Future
What I think/ What I feel/ What I do
Situation/ Action/ Outcome
You/ The other person/ The relationship
What brings you together/ What pulls you apart/ What needs attention
Strength/ Weakness/ Advice
Option 1/ Option 2/ Option 3
Mind/ Body/ Spirit 

15-20 minute readings to help you navigate your month, find answers to questions, and be inspired!

We will drop in together, and develop high vibrational practices to banish negative mindset in order to cosmically, spiritually, and emotionally level up with the aid of the ancient magicks of the Tarot and/or Oracle. These practices are intentionally designed to help you manifest your highest good. 
*All tiers have access to B*Witchin'
**If monthly commitment is too much for you, reach out, I do offer one-off, readings as needed.



About Justine the Witch

I invite you into my safe space, my personal Coven. This is a space for those who would like to dip a toe in, as well as those who are ready for a complete emersion into magick. Magick is all around us, radiating, pulsating, trying to get your attention. You are magickal, you are powerful, you are connected. Too many of us have forgotten our own divinity, and the Universe is begging us to remember.
In this space we will do away with the patriarchal chains that hold us back from our own powerful potential. For centuries we have been belittled, disparaged, and taught to second guess our inner knowing. We have been told that our intuition is not real, that magic is not real. We have been told that magick is evil, unless of course it's in the name of an organized religion. Unless it's controlled by misinterpreted books. Instead, I ask you to open your minds and hearts to your own interpretations. For you to feel safe enough to share your thoughts, and ideas and experiences.

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