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Every month you'll get leaked mastered music from the ReElise Soundtrack and or new compositions that are on my heart that I consider acts of worship.... that's LIT!

A 3rd week Live feed where I share with you the progress of the game or games via Skype! 

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About Justin Fox Media

What are we doin’ here?

I need your help turning this...

Into THIS...

It could be a 4:3, PC only game... or a standard high res, 16:9, multi platform game

What game is this?

This is a 2D, Hand animated, Hip Hop Christian RPG called  "ReElise"

There is a playable 2 hour demo available which you can request (WARNING: NOT FOR CHILDREN!!). With your help, I’ll be able to transform this project from it’s initial RPG Maker Engine (only able to PC) to the Eden Engine
(the same engine used to created the critically acclaimed indie RPG Citizens of Earth) an engine that can literally port to ANYTHING!


Turn Based Combat tried and true. Think of your old RPGs like Final Fantasy 7, or Dragons Quest, Suikoden etc.

Transformations/Aura system
has many enemies transforming or changing tactics to keep you on your toes. Different attacks work for different transformations so you're not jamming on the "win" button.
Engage in epic rap battles
that gain you experience and items for your crib
The Emo System
adds your emotions as a mechanic to gain the upper hand on enemies. Some choices you make before a battle can also affect your mood negatively or positively
Simple customization
so your time is spent exploring, fighting, and engaging in the story rather than menu spelunkingCustomize your own personal hangout/Crib You can add some changes like furniture, stereos, gardening, etc.
Explore a world full of lore
and swaggerment...
Multiple endings
based on key choices and how you play
Weapons are upgraded
through a journey into the subconscious, which leads you to an intimate knowledge of each character... and what's REALLY goin' on son?
are like trophies, but they actually break the 4th wall a bit and tell the player something good about themselves. 
"Study guide" (Not gameplay but... it adds to the experience) Everything has a purpose as to why it's in the game. For those who want to dive deeper into the Biblical themes of the game can do so! You can totally enjoy the game without it, it's available though for those who enjoy deep study alone or with small groups. It's challenging, but we live in a challenging world.


If you had the chance to extinguish evil, suffering, hatred, and pain from the face of the planet in exchange for your humanity to accomplish it... would you do it even though you'd never be able to enjoy it yourself? After experiencing 7 years of torture, Elise is certainly willing to sacrifice everything or anyone to save humanity from the horrors as she has experienced. The Judge's Key can end all evil, but, it's around the neck of a King who is a savior to the world. His power is so great though that you'll need help from a close friend, two mercenaries, mysterious powerful gems called "Frequencies", and the reconstruction of the mysterious Blade of Conquest the "Satori". Conquer the world to save it... no problem?


I work primarily in 2D as this has a timeless quality to it. Fantasia is 80 years old and still is amazing. However, coloring 2D images (whether digitally or otherwise) is very time consuming which also means that it’s costly to hire others to work. With your help I can hire the substantial artistic help (mostly digital colorists) to make this title become everything it can be.

This game is part of a series of “Worship Projects” I have in store. A “Worship Project” is simply a project that you begin in order to express something about God from your heart in an excellent and CREATIVE way.

Putting these things together to spread more kool stuff about God is time consuming, and your support simply means the quality as well as the speed of these worship projects can reach the public with a greater reality of refinement due to the fact I’ll be able to hire more artists for help.

But WAIT, there's MORE to come! 

There are many other projects that are coming that will be interesting to say the least. These include sound novels that will expand the lore of ReElise, smaller games for ReElise as well as NEW IP, and hopefully animations, all diversifying gaming as well as edifying the church. 
Current title right now is... Black Simulator

Humor and tragedy kinda go together.... but I hope you'll have a ton of fun with this title that's currently in alpha. Laugh, cry, and gain some perspective! Remember, you get early builds at the $10 reward before ANYONE else!  Supporting this also means supporting ReElise! 

MY Story

This game and I have been through a lot. I’m just a guy who wanted to make games since he was a kid. I especially loved the RPG (Role Playing Game) and still have such fond memories of all sorts of old titles. Telling a story through a game… a big story… had a huge impact for me as a kid growing up in a small city. It was a dream to make something epic, amazing, and fun. I got my first chance to when I was a kid when I got a hold of RPG Maker for the PS1 and made my first 30 hour game… “Melee” (video) After that I was completely hooked.
My relationship with Jesus came later, and it turned my perspective on everything upside down! This relationship is based on love, so I'd LOVE for Him to have more gaming content dedicated to Him. I'd love for the standards of what a "Christian" game can be to be raised far above expectation. This medium is extraordinary yet has one of the biggest gaps of intentional content towards followers of Christ. I find that absurd... and if you do too, join me as a Patreon! 

$34 of $100 per month
This will pay for 20 pics to be digitally colored, but with no Backgrounds colored because that costs extra... for the month!
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