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Mini Moon

$1 /mo
"As expected, you can't do anything without me. You should shape up!"

You're right, Mini Moon! I rely on you! Thank you so much! With this tier you unlock:



$2 /mo
"Usagi my name is Luna, and you can't imagine how long I've been looking for you."

You are a wise magical space cat, and help guide me through times of peril! Thank ...


Tuxedo Mask

$5 /mo
"You must believe in yourself, Sailor Moon!"

Wow! Not only do you come to save the day but what a hunk! I'm so grateful! UNHH! ...now if only Darien were as...


Sailor Scouts

$10 /mo
"Let us help! We haven't known each other long enough for it to end yet!"

You go into battle with me! We come from all different places and backgrounds but we're fri...


The Moon Stick

$25 /mo
Sailor Moon's powerful attack Moon Healing Escalation is released by this Queen Serenity's royal scepter.

You are essential to e...